Visit SaabUSA and maybe win $500

I haven’t done this yet, but if you’re in the US then you should head on over and see if this is still running. I’ve had several people email me about it in the last few days and a few jpegs as well. This image came from Tedjs, but thanks to everyone who’s sent it in.

SaabUSA have been running a survey on the front page of their website and if you take part you could win an American Express gift certificate valued at $500, which is better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.

NOTE – You have to be using Internet Explorer to complete the survey. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t done it yet.

Saab survey

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  1. I clicked “Take the Survey” when that window came up, but I had pop-ups blocked and the survey didn’t come up. I disabled pop-up blocking, but not I can’t get the Opinion screen to come up again.
    So, before you try, make sure you’re allowing pop-ups.

  2. “You have to be using Internet Explorer to complete the survey.”
    And with popups enabled too!

    These people have no idea who the typical Saab customer is. If Saab owners were the type of people who run Explorer with popups enabled, they would be driving Chevy’s!

    Of course, the few replies that they get to their survey will be telling them that “what the people want” is plush velour interiors, V-8’s that make 20 hp per litre and handling that is a bit less sharp than the Titanic’s.

    Good job, GM…

  3. The end of the survey has some pretty ‘smart’ questions that make’s you wonder if GM is still figuring out what to do with Saab. The rest of it pretty standard for a survey.

    Watching GM play with its potential Epsilon platform customers is interesting overall. Do customers want a (new) Malibu over their current Camry/Accord and will Chevy dealers be able to accommodate that customer? Does the Saturn Aura attract a smarter ‘Euro’ customer? The 9-3 represents so much more of car than those other options – GM really needs to work on marketing Saab to attract some of those high line customers to the brand.

  4. Going to the website in Opera just gives me the normal site, no survey.

    Going in IE7, it tells me I don’t have flash..

    Telling Opera to pretend to be IE gets me a blank page.


  5. I guess I’m not a tradiditonal future Saab owner. I use I.E.6 fine & got thru their survey okay. When asked how I found out about it, of course I put down I was referred by this blog, 🙂

  6. I highly doubt Saab USA are the ones who set-up the survey and decided to only make it available to IE users (which pretty much negates all Mac users, unless they’re in the great minority still running an old version of IE for Mac for some weird reason) and those noobs without popups disabled. It’s probably the brilliant web design geniuses who run the website itself.

    Anyone else notice (what I formerly thought is the most underrated part of the website) the “comparisons” part of the webpage is still using last year’s models and options list? Since last year the 9-3 now includes rain-sensing wipers, and I’m sure there are more changes not reflected in the comparitor.

    Dan S: I thought I was the only one still on IE6! It’s on my company laptop and they apparently don’t trust IE7 yet enough to upgrade me. Do you have a problem when visiting TS where the right pane data doesn’t start at the top of the page, but after the posts down at the bottom instead? I was telling Swade about this but he can’t reproduce it because he doesn’t have anything running IE6! 😮

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