Wednesday quick snippets

They gotta be quick snippets as I’m running out of credit (not credibility, just credit….)


Some guy at MotorTrend Forums asks Why is the Saab 9-5 always ignored?

Good question.


This photo was posted on Flickr with the title “Best Slogan Ever”.

So it must be working….



And the first time Mrs Swade has landed on these pages. A little fun from the National Gallery of Victoria. More art photos to come, including my treatise on why a lot of art is crap and deserves no credit.

But this was fun!

Water Wall

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  1. Welcome back hope you and Mrs Swade had a relaxing trip.

    As to why the 9-5 is ignored? I am afraid I wont answer that question except by saying its obvious.

  2. O.o I’m almost sure I remember Mrs. Swade holding a dog somewhere on this website from a long while back…

    Whatever, that’s a cool picture.

  3. Indeed a nice photo. BTW, am I the only one here that can not tell the difference between TS in normal mode and TS in vacation mode? 🙂

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