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Great comments on the Saab Signature Colors article. I can feel a spate of polls coming up.


Zoom advertisingNext time you’re honing your six-pack at the gym (real men have a keg, not a six-pack), hanging around at the car wash or maybe catching up with friends for an apéritif, you might see what looks like a framed picture on the wall of a Saab.

Saab are one of the initial clients for Zoom Media, who are placing these digital advertisements in various outlets targeted specifically at lifestyle clients.

Zoom Media & Marketing, an out-of-home media company specializing in place-based lifestyle networks, announced Monday it is accelerating the rollout of its digital screen network in bars and restaurants. Since August, Zoom has installed its network in more than 100 locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Over the next 90 days, the rollout will include 500 locations in the nation’s top 10 markets. So far, Zoom has signed 250 contracts and has begun installing venues in Philadelphia, Dallas, and Houston, followed by Miami, Boston, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

The advertising world is a world of it’s own. I tell ya.


Saabs have been used for all manner of things in recent days.

One’s been a delivery suite for a new baby girl. Nice way to mess up the leather, but then what better place to be born?

Another’s been used as a getaway car in a robbery on a small newsagency – BAD!!!

And another’s been stolen as the owner pulled up in her own garage. Stolen possibly for use as a getaway car in another robbery??? Nah, it’s a convertible.


Saab CrashTwo Saab owners decided to do their own crash test and collided head-on yesterday morning at an intersection in Mellor, Lancashire. Both walked away unhurt.

Saab do their own extensive crash testing. There’s no need for this.


Colorado State University are raffling a Saab 9-7x that’s been donated by the local Saab dealership there.

That’s one thing I meant to ask Steve Shannon about – are there ANY Saab 9-2x’s left hanging around in the US at all? If so, can I give away the last one here in a contest?

That would have been great.

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  1. Sign me up for the free 9-2X also- I’d happily drive it all over the place with banner ads plastered all over it:)

  2. Regarding crashes. Google news the incident in Boston earlier this week where a police cruiser hit a Saab at an intersection. Unfortunately the Saab GM900(?) got airborn and ended up with a concrete pole embedded in the roof. Sorry to say the female driver did not survive. The incident is being investigated.

  3. “but then what better place to be born?” – swade

    I can see it now… “Born from Born from Jets!” *eye roll*
    “are there ANY Saab 9-2x’s… can I give away the last one here in a contest?” – swade

    We all know I’m the resident 9-2x supporter, I think I’m alone too. Sure, we all could use a free ride, but I’m the only one that LOVES the 9-2x! Ahh, the lustful memories…

    Will anyone else admit to that? *draws line in the sand*

    Swade, I think I win by default on that merit alone! *lol*

  4. Saab 9000 is a very common getaway car used at robbery here in Sweden. They are easy to steal (toothpick anyone), common so they blend in to the rest of the traffic, fast and safe 😉

  5. This is true, my gym has had the 9-3 up for about 2 weeks now. It looks great and gives me more energy during the work out. I hope they leave it up for good.

  6. 18 hours later… no more comments about the 9-2x. Was I really RIGHT?

    I’ll have to make my old car the avatar on the myspace page! Now THAT is dedication and admiration!

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