Who’s selling Saabs? Oh, just the Usual Suspects….

Can anyone in BC find out if this is for real?

Sighted on Flickr and just too good to pass up. If you’ve never seen The Usual Suspects then please, do yourself a favour and go rent it right now.

Kaiser Sosei

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  1. I would have to venture a guess that it’s someone trying to be funny. What are the odds someone with an unusual last name such as that would have the first name “Kaiser”?

    Also, I know I’m being a wet blanket here, but the name is actually spelled Keyser Söze. However, I second the motion that The Usual Suspects is a must-see film.

  2. kaylan,

    i didn’t see the movie (_usual suspects_), but after watching the internet trailer, it looks like the evil guy or force in the movie has the same name that’s on the business card, but with a different spelling.

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