Wowza! Two-tone Saab 9-5

Now here’s something pretty daring, the end result of which I really, really like.

Seems like Paul D’s not the only one with a good looking striped Saab at the moment. These sort of treatments aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but both Paul’s 9-3 and this 9-5 look pretty darn good.

I picked this one up on my Flickr feed. The photo was taken by a guy named Erik Nygren, though I’m not sure if it’s his car as it forms part of a set of automotive photographs. You can check them all out, including more of this 9-5, by clicking here.

Great photos, Erik, and whoever owns this 9-5 – Wowza!!

Custom Saab 9-5

Custom Saab 9-5

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  1. I like it, but it’s a little ricey for me to actually drive every day. I could go for the same lines, but a little less contrast on the two-tone colors. Gray/Silver or dark blue/black thing.

  2. Eggs – did you mean “racey” or “ricey there?”. ;->

    That’s one helluva sharp Saab, but like Eggs, i would go for a more subtle two-tone ensemble.
    Sharp photos, too!

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