2008 Saab 9-5 Snippets

I received a couple of emails through the week that related to the Saab 9-5.

The first was in the form of a question:

There is a rumour that there will be another slight facelift to the 9-5 somewhere early next year. I haven’t read about that on your site and it would make a nice subject to us 9-5 die-hards

Well, it has been mentioned, though not quite in the terms that you mention here.

In both the interviews I did with Jan-Ake Jonsson and Steve Shannon in November, they mention that there will be a special edition Saab 9-5 coming out next year. It’s believed to be the final full year for the 9-5, so hopfully they’ll send it out with a bang.

I posted my own ideas for a super special 9-5 some time ago. Saab – feel free to institute as many of these as you like, no licence fee required 🙂

The second email I received may well have related to that upcoming special edition of the Saab 9-5.

It mentioned that there is, indeed, a special edition 9-5 under development, referred to as an anniversary edition in the email, with what seems to be an internal codename of Turbo 30.

The intriguing part, of course, is trying to figure out what that could mean. The internal name for the Saab Turbo X was the Black Turbo, which represented a link back to the popular Black Turbos of old in the Saab 99 and 900.

But 30?

30 extra horsepower would be nice 🙂 but I can’t help but think it might be another link back to those original 99 Turbos. They were first shown in 1977 at Frankfurt, but IIRC they first turbo models for sale were 1978 Saab 99 Turbos. 30 years ago in 2008.

So 30 years of selling turbos, perhaps?

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  1. All I can think of right away is a 9-5 with the original Super Inca wheels….nah, can’t be. 😉 (Photoshop, anyone?)
    Really, though, how about changing the Dame Edna’s to black chrome?

  2. Turbo30 – I remember 2002MY 9-3 was a 25th Anniversary edition. I think Swade is on the money with a 30 Year celebration of the Turbo.

    As a side note. If you hate the crome around the lights, most dealers will have them sprayed for you through their service departement.

  3. There’ll be a “Nordic edition” instead of a “classic”; release mar 2008. No major changes but a lot of extra equipment.
    That’s what I heard. (remember old gen. 9-3’s “Polar edition”)
    /Gr. Anders B.
    (one of the guys who met Swade at Kinekulle ring, june 9)

  4. How about the V6 with full twin turbo and why not AWD ??? These of course is on top of all the cosmetics above. The car still has some appeal despite its aging. After all its a true Saab.

  5. While we’re talking anniversaries, why not a return to Talladega? It’d be a year belated, but they could tie-in this 30-year-anniversary thing. Years ago Saab went to an all-turbo lineup in the U.S. and it’s just assumed here now that your Saab has a turbo in it as there’s no longer even “turbo” badging on the car. I think this is a mistake in marketing due to the resurgence in interest in turbocharging lately. I would venture to guess most members of the general public do not know that Saabs come with turbos as standard equipment. All Saabs (with the exception of the 9⁷X) in the U.S. are turbocharged to this day. You couldn’t buy a non-turbo’ed Saab if you wanted to (but why would you?).

    It’d be strange to commemorate the 2009 9⁵ the “30th Anniversary” of turbocharging edition as I believe Saab has already declared 2007 as the 30th anniversary of turbocharging (due to the aforementioned debut of the 99 Turbo at the 1977 Frankfurt Auto Show) and it’d be stretching it to declare 2008 as the 30-year anniversary (because the first production turbos were sold as MY1978). How would 2009 be a 30-year anniversary?

    ctm: I don’t think that the BioPower 100 taillights would be legal in Saab’s largest market, unfortunately.

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