2008 Saab price rises in the US

It slipped a little bit under the radar, but GM recently announced price rises on most of its 2008 models. At the time of the press release, there were no details available as to how much this would effect Saab prices for 2008 models.

I’ve now received word from Saab USA as to the rise applicable to some 2008 Saab models.

The changes are as below, but I haven’t heard about all models yet.


Saab 9-3 2.0T

The original MSRP for this model was $28,385 (including a $745 destination charge). This price will now rise by $440 to $28,825 and that price includes a $775 destination charge.

Saab 9-5 2.3T

The original MSRP for this model in 2008 was $37,390. This price will now rise to $37,975. That’s an increase of $585, though SaabUSA tell me that the price has actually increased by $770 so there may be some destination fee changes in there as well.


These new prices aren’t reflected on the SaabUSA website as yet, but according to the GM press release they’re applicable to all cars invoiced to dealers from December 19.

If your car was invoiced to the dealer prior to this date, it’s my understanding that the old price still applies.

I’ll check with Saab and see if these are the only two changes.

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  1. Kroum, you arent wrong there as leasing costs for Saab’s here in Canada on new models are about 25pc more than the equivalent “Ultimate Driving Machine” – at least thats what ‘they’ think it is! To me, money is money and the Canadian price adjustment may help Saab’s cause in the country as a whole – at at my humble abode.

  2. For example, you can lease a 2008 BMW335i with metallic paint for the same price as a 2008 9-3 2.0T with 17in wheels, metallic paint and audio package for the same monthly payment of C$485 with the same deposit amount. No wonder I dont see too many Saabs around here. GM please note, you have a problem here! 🙁

  3. Both the 335i and destination fee issues make for very good questions, zippy. I’d love to hear Saab Canada answer them.

    The likely answer to the 335i question is, of course, residual value. The 335i retains a lot more of ats value at the end of the lease, so the lease needn’t cost so much.

    But the destination fee does seem like robbery.

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