9-7x in “Untraceable” product placement

With thanks to Marvin in comments, here’s some images of the Saab 9-7x, which will be appearing in a new movie called Untraceable.

It’s due for release in US theaters on January 25 and from the trailer they’re showing, it looks like a pretty decent thriller.

untraceable 9-7x

untraceable 9-7x

untraceable 9-7x

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  1. I really love Saab, but the psuedo-Saab 9-7x is really dragging the brand down, like the 9-2x did… kill it, kill it with fire!!!!

  2. And there is the lovely Diane Lane getting into that 9-7x (last picture in the set). She played a good part in Unfaithful for you movie buffs out there, even though she was the person that was ‘unfaithful’ – happens when you are married to Richard Gere I suppose.

    This could be almost as much fun as watching Jamie Sommers (actress Michelle Ryan) fly around in that Saab 900 in the nearly defunct ‘Bionic Woman’ remake that is currently dying a slow death here in the USA on the NBC network.

  3. That looks like one of those movies I’d watch yelling at the screen the whole time, “It doesn’t really work like that!”

    I’ll probably watch it anyway though just for the 9-7X.

  4. the 9-7x is ugly as sh*t!
    As well as the Saabaru, I can’t think of a reason why a Saab-lover would like to buy those rebadged low-quality, low-engineering, no-heritage models.
    GM is destroying our brand! Kill them, kill GM with a lot of fire!

  5. Sebbe, just LOOKING at it from that side shot….well, have you heard the expression ‘lipstick on a pig’??? It’s saabified, but not a Saab.
    On the other hand, I’ll bet the 9-7x is an awesome SUV. The engine, the interior upgrades, the front dam, suspension et al.

    In summary, if it fit my needs I’d be thrilled with it! It’s still the SUV with more Saab DNA than any other…for now.
    (maybe like a turboprop redesigned & retrofitted with jet engines – not designed that way, but MUCH better than it had been) 🙂

  6. DNew: You’re right. I’ve been meaning to write this up, but the timing never seems right — the Saab 9-7x is basically the Oldsmobile Bravada sheetmetal with a Saab grille. It’s as if GM said, “OK, Oldsmobile is dead, but Saab will get an SUV, let’s just use that Bravada tooling and go.”

    I’ve got pictures. It is spot-on.

  7. Eggs – When GM folded Oldsmobile (*weeps), the remaining stock was rebranded, mostly as Buicks. They had to do SOMETHING with all those dies.

  8. Untreaceable… like the parents of that poor bastard SUV.
    Denvernewbie, I don’t think we should love every car with a Saab badge on its hood; even when this SUV has some updgrades from Trollhättan, doesn’t mean it’s a Saab.
    There was a time when purists hated Saab 900NG because it used an Opel chassis, where are they now? 900NG was still a Saab, IMNSHO.

  9. We like to bag on the 9⁷X, and while I wouldn’t own one I feel someone needs to defend it. With my propensity for playing “devil’s advocate” I’ll take-on that role here.

    If not for the 9⁷X Saab USA would have sold about 5,000 fewer vehicles. Saab retained an untold number of owners who would have defected to other brands due to a lack of a SUV offering as well.

    While we purists don’t approve of the SUV for the most part, it’s been mostly “gravy” sales for Saab. Saab would be in much worse trouble if not for it. Just look at how sales dropped when Saab stopped offering the 9²X.

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