A little bit of context on Lynx Yellow

This colour is going to be called Lynx Yellow in Sweden, whereas it’ll be called Saffron Yellow in most other Western markets.

Lynx Yellow Saab

Alexander has written in to provide a little bit of background as to why this may be the case.

I saw the entries regarding the saffron/lynx yellow on the 9-3 convertible. I thought I could give you some background on why I belive that the name is Lynx here in Sweden. In latin it’s called Lynx Lynx.

The biggest wildcat in Europe goes under the name Lynx (or “Lodjur” in Sweden). It’s highly at risk for survival and is the biggest predator in the southern parts of Sweden. Further north we do have bears and wolves, but south of Stockholm the Lynx rules! Trollhättan for sure is Lynx-land!

A (swedish) link: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europeiskt_lodjur


Alex is a young guy living in Ängelholm, and it seems he might be going the same way as Karl-Gustav Svensson when it comes to Saab ownership. He’s on his 11th Saab in just six years!

He posted in a pic of his current ride, and I now declare him the first owner of a Lime Yellow convertible to appear on these pages in person. And about time, too!

I love this colour.

Lime Yellow Convertible

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