A little more on that Swede Team Motor car for 2008

I first showed you photos of Swede Team Motor’s new car back on November 25th.

I’ve just received some more info on the car. Swede Team Motor are still finalising their 2008 calendar and as soon as I know about, you will too. But here’s the info on the car.

This new car is a facelift and total upgrade of the successful diesel racer they’ve used previously with 33 starts for 30 finishes (only 3 unfinished races) – And best of all, on every one of those 30 races, Swede Team Motor had a podium finish. This car doesn’t know the feeling of being out of the podium in a race!

How’s that for value for money, Mr Sponsor?

Under the bonnet they will be using the new twinturbo 1.9 TTiD engine, as well as an upgraded chassis and aerodynamic kit.

Go boys, go!

Photos by Trued

Swede Team Motor

Swede TEam Motor


  1. Looks great, will any of the races be televised on a screen near us (UK). Look foward to the seasen and associated results.

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