And so this is Christmas….

OK, feel free to fess up and spill the beans on what you got for Christmas.

Did the fat guy in the red suit treat you well or not? Were you naughty or nice?

Me? I’m happy. No Saab related presents at all, but plenty of food and a good time had by all.

For the record, presents were few in number, but valued:

    Jeremy Clarkson DVD – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
    Socks (well, duh!)
    Smoked salmon (ironic as I don’t eat sea food but the person works at a salmon farm)
    Contributions toward me flying to Melbourne to see my beloved Carlton Football Club this year

So how’d you all fare? Feel free to open up in comments.

I hope you’ve had (are having) a great Christmas with your families.

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  1. How can you not eat sea food? It’s the best food! 🙂

    Was thinking that maybe this morning would at least bring som white frost on my Saab for a nice photo, but it’s typical Christmas weather outside for Skåne (Scania): +3 C and mist…

  2. No frost here either, just rain and lots of it, had it been colder and I would have had a white saab outside. With you on the fish Swade. not one item with a saab badge on at all. Swade I had socks and pants too… it an old age thing??, to be honest I needed them as last years were starting to wear out, lol. Azzy had a fab time opening her presents and thats what makes me smile the most. All you Aussies I hope you are haveing a great day, to the Europeans, have a great day and to everyone not up yet in the Americas have a great day when you get up. (10am in the UK) Robin. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas Swade,

    Good day was had in the burbs of Melbourne. 160km round trip in one of the Saabs with the family, two baby boys in the back. Safe, smooth and swift.

    Got some new wheels, a ride-on mower. Love it, old body with a brand new uprated motor. Looking forward to taking it for a spin.

    Catch ya before the new year for the POO.

  4. Apart from the huge amount of edible prezzies, i know that my wife bought me a SAAB keyring off e-bay, hasn’t arrived yet though. I’m not supposed to know 🙂 Merry christmas to all

  5. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas and make the Yuletide gay.
    We’re celebrating today. Just a few hours ago, on Christmas eve, I became a grandfather. A beautiful baby girl, 7lb. 11 oz, came into the world. My son will be bringing her home in the 9-5 wagon, followed by me in the 900. Let’s remember our troops and armed forces in foreign lands today. God jul. Celebrate life.

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    It seems that my 9000 got more presents this year than I did:
    1 set of 16″ Aero Wheels
    1 set of E-code corner lamps
    Factory 9000 folding armrest
    All season mats

    Oh yeah, and a couple of DVDs, lottery tickets, and few other small things. Not a bad Christmas!

    vagabond, congratulations on your family’s addition!

    Swade, great year here at TS, keep up the good work, and have a Happy New Year!


  7. Vagabond – your gift cannot be beat! Congratulations!
    I watched my 2-year-old grandson open (heli)’copter’ presents last night…what a crackup!
    wonderful family fun (and food!)
    Oh, and my gift… 🙂

    and, Swade, I want to thank you for the work and love you pour into hosting TS.
    Have a great New Year!

  8. i dont celebrate christmas as im muslim though my parents got me a 07 9-3 last week.

    swade i sent you some pics of my 9-3, wondering if you got them?

  9. i got smoked salmon too, but i like seafood. lots of nice stuff, but nothing saab-related. i think the family believes the car has had enough spent on it.

  10. Christmas in a non-Christian country (in my case Japan) is interesting. At least there is an appearance of Christmas in terms of lighting and promoting Christmas commercially.

    For Christmas Eve I made traditional Norwegian style “faar-i-kaal” (mutton and cabbage boiled together) served with boiled potatoes so our “Norwegian/Japanese” kids can get a taste of Scandinavia. And of course I cooked the traditional Norwegian style “rice porridge” served with sugar, cinnamon, and butter (make the average Japanese person cringe when they see what I am doing with their “holy” rice.

    Had a Christmas run with the Abbott tuned 9000 Aero today, and it loves the fairly cold winter weather even though it is not snowing.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Heh I must have been really bad this year, I didnt get anything! I guess I shouldnt have ran that stop sign or kept it to the speed limit 😉
    I guess my present was not slamming into a firetruck that cut me off last night in NYC. I spent this morning cleaning the car.
    Christmas isnt all about presents I guess…

  12. Saab related gifts: the smartslot ice scraper (useless but cool) and the aux-in cable for my 9-3 SS, and a Saab Turbo T-shirt. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!


  13. Saaby, I recall a guy named Ryan M being scheduled back from a 2 year “tour” about now. That You? If so, welcome back. If not, welcome back anyway 🙂

    Vagabond – what a great Christmas! Congratulations, Pop.

    Great stuff everyone. Boxing Day here today, which means one thing and one thing only – cricket.

  14. I’m working today. D:
    ..which works I suppose. My 99 has eaten up all my money and I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet. heh heh.

  15. Great stuff, all! Brad seems to have the best Saab haul, but the grandbaby tops the list. And I’m keeping my distance from DNew and Swade. Guns and cricket — both deadly in my book!!

    I got one of Ivan’s t-shirts (the griffin on a brown shirt — very cool) and some detailing supplies. That’s all the was Saaby. A few clothing needs, misc.

    My folks bankrolled a trip for my two sisters and me and all of our kids (9 in total from age 6 to age 12) and our spouses to Disney World starting this weekend, so that was the big excitment for the kids. I’ve got my doubts about the crowds this time of year, but I’ll bear it!

    Santa brought the kids a Wii. That thing is addictive.

  16. swade, Merry Christmas from Williamsburg, Virginia where we are home for the holidays. It sounds like Christmas rocked down under. I didn’t get anything SAAB-related. =-( Though, I can’t wait to try out my new Wii!!!

    EnG, I might see you in Disney World. We’ll be down there at the end of the week for New Year’s.

  17. I slow cooked a 14 pound rib roast on my Weber grill for my family. There’s nothing better than a “roast beast” for Christamas.

    I bought my wife a Canon SD-950 IS camera too…so now she can take great pics of my car 🙂

  18. We had a great Christmas. Some SAABy things I received were e-code lenses, upgraded air intake snorkel and filter, sparkplugs, sport transmission mount, and a Magellan GPS!

    No cricket here in Canada, its all about the World Juniors Hockey!

  19. I didn’t get anything Saaby, but I did get 3 Wii games, Assassin’s Creed on 360, some DS games, Bioshock for PC, a set of Bose on-ear headphones, Superbad on DVD, and a ton of gift cards.

  20. Plenty of good stuff here:

    Wife got me Mr Saab – The Erik Carlsson Story, which is interesting.
    The Jason Bourne Collection DVD set – awesome.
    A few Star Wars Lego sets – I have a collection dating back to the late 70’s, so family still supports that habit.
    A gaggle of Starbucks gift cards – I do love a good cup of coffee.
    Some clothes, cash a few other random gifts.

    Put about 400 miles on the 9-3 so that was fun driving. Almost time for my first oil change!

  21. a couple platinum and diamond pocket watches (one by tiffany & company; the other, gruen). thx, santa.

    observations of today, perhaps of more general interest:

    1. i just saw chrome saab wheels on an ’08, 9-3. hot; and

    2. i talked to my brother and sister in law. they had a guest for xmas who got a new bmw 3 series. they couldn’t stop talking about 2 things: a) bluetooth integration. they were wowed that phone calls came through the car’s speakers when the owner’s iphone was in the car; and b) acceleration–0-to-60 in less than 5 seconds (or something of that nature).

    what does all that mean?–well, my brother and sister-in-law don’t care to know much about cars. with theirs, they hire everything out. (for example, i’ve actually seen them call a mobile car wash to come to their house and wash and detail the cars.) so even though they don’t notice a lot of things about cars, they do notice, however, features like bluetooth integration and 300+ hp performance. see how saab would look in their minds? if they were car shopping, they wouldn’t give saab a second thought–the brand would be dismissed summarily. and even if bluetooth is not as essential as airbags or anti-lock brakes, it could easily have resonance in a comparative shopping experience.

  22. Tedjs – Your real Star Wars Legos are much cooler, but one of my Wii games was Lego Star Wars.

    saab9x – You said it yourself, your relatives aren’t car people. They weren’t impressed by the car, they were impressed by the trinkets and unneccessary speed in the BMW. Saab needs to branch out, but these aren’t the customers they’re looking for…not that my opinion matters, because Saabs will have Bluetooth by 2010.

  23. saab9x – You said it yourself, your relatives aren’t car people. They weren’t impressed by the car, they were impressed by the trinkets and unneccessary speed in the BMW. Saab needs to branch out, but these aren’t the customers they’re looking for…–^ (jeff)

    i think it’s the other way around. saab already has the diehards–you, me, and rest of the gang here. rather, saab needs to be able to attract the folks that don’t care about “born from jets,” or for that matter, 60’s rallying, or even swedish design.
    if bluetooth and 300+ hp can keep a blase or shallow car shopper out of the ranks of, say, bmw, and into ours, then i’m all for it, even if it lowers the traditional demographic.

    yeah, i hope you’re right about bluetooth. it can’t get here soon enough.

  24. Oh, I’m not saying Saab shouldn’t be trying to attract new buyers, I just think that Saab shouldn’t be going for the “oooh, ahhh!” crowd, because the pricer German cars are always going to be one step ahead of them. Saab’s got Bluetooth? BMW has Bluetooth with iPhone integration and iDrive! Saab has a turbocharger? BMW has two!! Saab has a Black Turbo 9-3? OMFG AMG M RS FTW WTFBBQ!!!

    So those second two weren’t trinket related, but you get the idea. I just don’t think Saab can compete in the gadget-and-horses race, because they just don’t have the money.

    I’m basing my 2010 assumption off of GM’s “30-cars-largest-Bluetooth-rollout-evar” press release. Saab is a premium brand and I can’t imagine GM would give them the shaft AGAIN, when half of Saab’s prospective customers demand it, whether they really need it or not.

    Now that I think about it, I MIGHT be at least getting a car-related Christmas gift…my uncle wants to buy an old GTO and fix it up, and eventually give it to me (he can’t drive anymore)…just the idea of that is enough of a gift for me.

  25. Hi Folks !

    Nothing special here too , but a lot of alcohol like for example white wine , vodka , Champagne . A kind of bio power no ?

  26. Nothing saaby for me, but thats ok..i got nintendo wii!
    I did ask for a Turbo X…which I would have gotten if only it wouldve come out in time for christmas…oh, and if my fiance/parents/or siblings had the 42k to spend on it.
    Hope everyone else had a great Holiday. Here’s to the new year, and to many new Saab owners!

  27. A trip to the U.K paid for by Mum and Dad.
    Haven’t seen my relatives in 8 years and miss them heaps.
    Best Christamas ever bar none.
    Only wish that we could have closed the fudge business for long enough that the pants could have come too.
    The flight really rooted me this time mind you.
    And Qantas service sucks arse , but at least you get there alive.
    See you soon Swade and Drew B

  28. The grandbaby takes the cake.

    And, Denvernewbie, nice piece. My brother is in law enforcement and his off-duty pieces consist of and HK and a Kimber. The Kimber was a wedding present from one of his best friends and previous co-worker. As guns go, they’re super nice, and, dare I say it, beautiful.

    As for me, I got some much-needed clothes and socks. From my fiancee, I got red silicon vacuum hose for my Aero (it needs them). That was thoughtful of her.


  29. My Wife got me a Saab t-shirt with griffen logo, and a Garmen nav. system.
    I got myself an 04 Saab vert. love it…
    Got myself and my son saab t-shirts and hats for the summer.

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