Aussies can save $6,000

I can’t see it anywhere on the Saab Australia website, but are reporting that prospective Australian purchasers can save over $6,000 this week.

The offer consists of $3,000 cash off the price of your car and free on-road costs.

The online article shows an image of a 2008 Saab 9-3 and the article states that the offer is applicable to the Linear Sport model of the sedan and SportCombi. There’s no specifics, however, about whether it’s actually for 2008 models or if it’s a 2007 runout offer.

I’ll shoot off an email to Saab Oz and see what’s what.

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  1. I had spoken to a Saab salesman a couple of weeks ago and he stated that you could save at the moment about $7,000 of a new car. Another thing to note is that the Holden Mastercard rebate is valid for SAAB’s, so at the moment you could save about $10,000, which makes you think….

  2. It’s on the site under current offers (click the red Aero on the front page). This offer has being going since October, should have said something earlier. Emily should be telling you (and the media) of these things.

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