BMW that’ll make you go “Eewwww”

Maybe the Chinese will disagree with the headline, but to me this is solid proof that it’s not always the case that good things take time.

The ivory carvings on this BMW have taken three years to complete and yet they look quite ugly in mere seconds!! You can be the “lucky” bidder and walk away with this car for a mere 20 million yuan. That’s around 2 million Euros to the rest of us.

Where do I sign?

The proceeds from the sale will go to the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee.

Thanks to Colin S for passing it on (see more below the pictures).

Ugly BMW

Ugly BMW

Ugly BMW


Colin, who supplied this story, is moving from China to Korea soon and wants to import a Viggen from the US to Korea.

That will certainly be one very rare Viggen in those parts.

If anyone’s got experience shipping cars, particularly between the US and Asia, can you drop me a line so that I can put Colin in touch with you?

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  1. This proves the theory modey != taste so well.

    I think the older generation generally likes that kina stuff, it’s like the tacky decos in Chinese restaurants.

  2. Yeah, that is a really great shade of red, and it actually makes this car look kind of classy. Normally, I hate gold trim with a passion, but it looks good with that red, especially considering it’s supposed to be Chinese.

    …Actually, I think this is a pretty cool art car. I usually hate art cars, because cars are art in themselves, but the ivory carvings are unique. Sure, it looks weird, but it’s artistic and very Chinese. It’s not like anyone is going to actually use this thing for a daily driver. It’s pretty much the same as having a replica Mystery Machine or Back to the Future DMC-12.

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