BMW X6: Is this the future? And should we be scared by it?

From some angles, the BMW X6 looks OK. From most angles, it looks pretty darn ugly. BMW claim it is a new ‘four door coupe’ and that it will carve a new niche, which they’re calling the Sports Activity Vehicle (Hi GM – remember the Saab 9x and 9-3x? – ahem).


Despite it looking OK from a couple of angles, I think it does look as ugly as a bashed crab over all. I also think that serious (and smart) sports activity people will own a 4WD ute or an SUV that they can have some serious fun in without worrying about scratches.

Auto Express think it’s “sizzling”, proving that once again the motoring press is willing to fall over itself in order to agree with its readership, especially if the letters B, M and W are involved. In short, I think this vehicle is for poseurs. I think BMW are getting carried away with their own success and much like Toyota’s recent reliability problems and dropped ratings, they are prime candidates for being victims of their own success and arrogance.

It’s poll time – do you think this is a good looking vehicle?

And perhaps in comments you could expand on whether you think a 4-door ‘coupe’ that doesn’t know whether it’s a car or an SUV, and is (subjectively speaking) as ugly as cancer, is a good trend for motoring.



Why deal with this on a Saab blog?

Because the 9-4x is coming soon and I don’t want it to be as rediculous as I see this vehicle as being.

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  1. I do have to say that it’s not entirely ugly as u say, however, i wouldn’t consider it that good looking either, You wanna see something ugly, have a look at the peugeot 4007. All this said, I don’t think it will be the way of the future either, although other car makers like Opel have the Antara coupe 2 door concept which won the concept of the year award and it does look ok, still ugly in some angles. I just don’t see it as being the way forward, you either want a beefed up SUV or a coupe. Oh well, opinions

  2. Well, the trouble I see with all this is the donkey followers that believe that anything the B brand creates is the Gospel. Just look at the waves of trends that their Ass design, sorry rear design in the 7, 6, 5…. and so on series had. Lexus, Merc and almost everyone emulated this rear nonsense. So, many would follow it, and that’s the problem as it will force its way in the market. But how about our own designs that GM canned and were abandoned ??? They were meant to set trends but got killed. Interestingly these were done 5 or so years ago ???

  3. Ahhh c’mon guys, you know you want one. Have you read the engine specs? Sheesh. Plus, its practically a hatchback.

    I saw it at the Sydney motorshow in black and it looked like the batmobile. For a guy whose dream car is probably one of Per Eklands old 4wd Pikes peak cars – or a Porsche 959 done up for the Paris-Dakar – this looks great. Whats more, its not THAT different to what I think the 94x will be like. . and I saw the old 4wd hatchback coupe proto in the museum at Trollhattan and its pretty similar to this.

    But I gess I’m biased. I love Saabs & I love BMWs.

  4. My first memories as a kid of BMWs was the BMW 2000 from the mid 1970s. A relative had one. It was ugly, the corrosion was horrible after only a couple of years, constant electrical problems…
    If I should judge by the BMWs people I know drive today, it’s the same – except the corrosion. In Sweden, folklore has some bad names for people driving a BMW. For me, they are ugly dinosaurs from the past. I want one as much as I want a Cadillac – and that is not at all.

  5. Related to this somewhat is the fact that BMW are going to be releasing a hatchback!

    Yes, a hatchback in the 5 series class!! Kinda stamping on the feet of what used to be the 9000’s territory. Just hope that the next 9-5 also has a hatch option.

    I saw the mule for this 5 series hatch in last weeks Autocar, will scan and email to Swade tonight.

  6. Maybe this will put an end to the Pontiac Aztek bashing. Thank you BMW!
    I’m curious to see if the “Sports Activity Vehicle” (SAV) moniker will stick. Pontiac called the Aztek a “Sport Recreation Vehicle” (SRV), and that sure didn’t stick.

  7. I dunno, Ted. Toyota tried to call it’s new Hilux Ute and Action utility Vehicle and that lasted all of five seconds here in Oz.

    The thing I really hate is them calling it a coupe. Some definitions in auto design should never be watered down. That goes for anyone trying to make a car with 4 doors and calling it a coupe.

  8. The profile looks a lot like a Mitsubishi Dakar prototype.
    In some cases, being ugly creates an impression of ruggedness. This is what BMW is going for. Of course, being a BMW, you probably shouldn’t drive it down any road that a tow truck can’t manage…

  9. I think it’s pretty good looking. Plus, it’s a turbo hatchback all wheel drive, right?

    Hopefully it isn’t priced against the 9-4X.

  10. I really dislike the look of the X6. In particular, I find that there is too much rear end which is coupled with a low sloping roof (Sorta like a refined Aztec).

  11. I am not sure about the loks but have to admit that I have already booked my test drive.

    I used to drive Saab 9000’s, loved them. Then moved out to the country and needed a 4 x 4 so bought a Range Rover.

    Now I still live in the country but only need a 4 x 4 for 20% of the time, mainly for deep farm tracks and a little off roading, not serious.

    So do I buy a saloon like the new 9 -5 and a 4 x 4, or go for something like the X6 which will do over 40 MPG, 0 – 60 in under 7 seconds, top out at 155 Mph, better than most SAAB’s, has excellent road manners and can still handle the sort of off road that I need.

    BMW may have gambled right.

    BUt I would ideally like to have a new 9 – 5 hatchback that does 40 + MPG for my normal road driving and keep my Range Rover..

  12. I kinda like the roofline. Pains me to say but to my eyes this aspect resembles one of the attractive parts of a Porsche. The rest of it is bland and typical though.


  13. Like any car I’d have to see it in person to decide whether I like it or not. With the twin turbo and a hatchback, well, it’s got a lot to offer if in person it’s not wart-like.

  14. PT. The poll was:
    Is the BMW X6 as ugly as a bashed crab?

    * Yes, it’s as ugly as a bashed crab

    * No, it’s the future.

    I was simply giving a visual. I’ve decided that I really like the simile.


  15. I was just thinking to myself the other day, what could make CUVs even better? I mean, they’re so perfect already. And then it hit me: Build them so there’s no rear headroom!!! I’LL MAKE MILLIONS!

  16. reminds me of a spyker d12. though i love spykers, that particular model hurts the eyes. the bmw isn’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination. does capability have to come at the cost of aesthetics? seems to be the trend of late.

  17. That car looks like it has everything out of scale! The designer of that fata** must´ve been on dope. I mean really. Take a good look on that pic. The rear is like from some other car. It´s way too big. The side silhouette is quite okay, but when you see how everything is in position I can only shake my head. And people are buying these!? Oh my..

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