Bring Back The Hatch – Hobart style

The month of hatch loving has technically ended, but I couldn’t let things slide without adding these photos to the site. I actually got these in a little while ago, but the usual whirlwind that is blog management (or in this case, mismanagement) saw these slip through the cracks.

What makes my offence all the more grievous is that these come from my own back yard, right here in Hobart.

This is Anthony S’s Saab 900S, and like all the hatches before it, this Saab does things that other brands can’t. In this case, it’s transporting full size sofa chair.

Here’s the car in profile, sans the hatch-full, with Hobart’s guardian Mt Wellington in the background.

Saab Hatch

And here it is just doing what Saabs do.

Stick that in your Vorsprung durch Teknik!

Saab Hatch

Saab Hatch

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