Caddy in Oz as early as 2008

From today’s Age newspaper here in Australia. The full story is here.

To GM Premium Brands here in Australia – I’d love an invitation to the launch if at all possible…..

Cadillac in Oz


Cadillac will provide increased competition for other luxury brands, including Jaguar and even General Motors’ European luxury brand, Saab.

In trying to establish a niche within the Australian market, Cadillac will play on its bold, angular styling and American heritage as well as a value-for-money pitch against rival European makers.

As Lexus is to Toyota, Cadillac would effectively be the luxury arm to Holden, allowing the company to push beyond its $80,000-odd price limit today.

Cadillac is expected to seek modest sales ambitions, in much the same way as the General Motors-owned Hummer brand is filling a niche rather than upending the 4WD market.

The Cadillac CTS sedan will lead the Cadillac charge back into Australia.


There’s also a post at the Drive blog about this, with some entertaining comments as well:

Just what the country needs, a car for wealthy bogans.

Bogans? It’s an Aussie word.

Think rednecks, but without the style.

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  1. Bogans? It’s an Aussie word.

    Think rednecks, but without the style.

    And with less teeth and more kids.
    I think i like bogans less than BMW,now thats all i need is a bogan in a Bmer to round off my day.

  2. This is the American version of Saab, the parts sharing of the 07 model with Saab seems high. Now the 2008 has ventilated seats and the signature headlamp lighting in a vertical form, I bet it is the same LED strip but installed vertically, could be event the whole assembly.
    IT does look nice though and if a wagon…hmm nice interior for sure…bet it will have XWD for 2009

  3. i dont care what anybody says the 08 cts is hottt!!

    if you saw it in person you wouldnt say anything bad about it. people should give praise to a good car when it deserves it and this car is good. i bet if saab were given the same budget they would blow the cts out of the water but none the less its a great car. won motor trend car of the year.

  4. Hence my request for an invitation, Mo. I’ve been talking about this brand for long enough based on photos, impressions and supposition. If they’re coming here then I’d like to drive one.

  5. i think you will be at least semi-impressed with the new cts and if you were to choose between a caddy and a bmw i think you would go for the cts.

  6. My grandfather worked his ass off for 40 years so he could afford a Cadillac Eldorado.

    I miss that car so much…I’d take an old black Eldo over any Saab in the world based on sentimental value alone.

    …Christ I want a CTS. WHY did my stepdad buy that stupid G35x.

    Swade, if driving the new CTS doesn’t make you hate Caddy a little less, I’ll eat my tie.

  7. I do like the the look of the CTS!

    It’s edgy and distinct, and I’m a sucker for hard lines in a car’s body form (I’m a TT/ TVR/ Any curvy car hater).

    If they can get the handling and interior sorted out, all the best luck to them.

  8. The new CTS has tickled my interest as well. The interior looks fabulous, with a stitched leather dash and ventilated seats!

    It’s been getting some good reviews too, Autocar in the UK particularyly liked it, and even Top Gear magazine gave it a good thumbs up, and for Top Gear to like an American saloon, it NEEDS to be very very good!

    The only downside I can see at the moment is the engine lineup, it desperately needs that new 2.9 diesel if it is going to suceed in Europe.

    One thing is for sure, if GM are at least able to put the same level of quality interior in the upcoming Saabs, I think the future should finally see that little nail well and truly hammered!!

  9. Meh I could live without it, then again I see like 25 CTS’s a day. I went with my friend to a Chevy/Cadillac dealer so he could put down a deposit to be on the list for when they take names for the new Camaro, and they had the new CTS and STS in the showroom, GM has gone too gaudy with taking the standard sized badges and scaling them like 5 times bigger, I guess when youre behind a gigantic Chevy Suburban on the road, you need a giant bowtie on the rear

  10. Booo, hiss. GM please rethink visiting this ugly crap on Aust.

    This is extreme bad taste and from what i’ve read Calais/Caprice would trounce this for style and performance any day.

  11. Saabotage – I’d rather have Chevy and Caddy be proud of the heritage behind the badge than have them try to hide it like they did from like 1975 to 2000.

    Swade – I’m serious, I will eat my tie. And I know you’ll be objective when you describe it because that’s how you are. Like with the BMW – “Great car, I don’t really like it.” That’s all I’m hoping for here.

    I’d also like to point out that the CTS commercials here in America use an awesome song in them, “Stars” by Hum.

  12. craig – Jesus, man, we get the point, you don’t like Cadillacs. “Bad taste” is subjective, and I think you’re going a little overboard.

    Also, are you still putting “viggen” in that third spot?

  13. …if it (viggen) can take off, its in first…Just having a little fun Jeff.

    Having lived in the US once, i know what caddie means/meant in US motoring folklore. Its called “taking the p***”.

  14. I meant when you make a post, are you putting “viggen” in the third text field? The one that says website? You haven’t had to type viggen to make a post for a long time. Just trying to save you a second 🙂

    Also, ok. Sorry, I just thought you were coming on a little strong and didn’t pick up the tongue-in-cheekiness. The internet really needs inflection markers :p

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