Christmas at Hirsch 2007

Hirsch Performance are going to welcome 2008 with a new, updated logo!

I imagine this will be the new badge adorning Hirsch modified vehicles next year.

New Hirsch Badge


A little while ago, TS readers were invited to participate in a poll to decide on a new 19-inch wheel design from Hirsch. The results were such that there was no real clear winner in the poll, so Hirsch have decided to go back to the drawing board and come up with some new designs.

Hirsch Wheel poll

The poll wasn’t wasted however. Through the poll, Hirsch came into contact with a former wheel designer for Saab, and he’s provided them with some new designs that they’ve signed off on, and will be producing early in 2008.


The Hirsch V6 performance upgrade is now available for the 2008 Saab 9-3. Uprated numbers are as per the plate below.

Hirsch V6 upgrade

Remember, Hirsch is the only authorised tuner for Saab and Hirsch tuning is covered under your Saab factory warranty.


And once again, Hirsch’s dual exhaust is available for 4-cylinder engines, including BioPower. The new exhaust fitting package comes complete with all replacement parts to ensure a proper fit with the 2008 Saab 9-3 rear bumper assembly.

Hirsch Dual Exhaust


It’s been a pleasure covering all the developments at Hirsch in the last 12 months. My only wish is that they were more widely available.

I’m sure Hirsch won’t mind me passing on their good wishes to all for a Happy Christmas and a fantastic 2008!!!

Hirsch Christmas

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  1. new logo looks better…

    didnt hirsch want to announce in dec. what hirschversion they will be doing for the Turbo-X…??

    I am really wondering, as I have a Turbo-X on order….

  2. I learned it as Fröhliche Weihnachten? I’m guessing that Frohe means the same thing, but I’m wondering if I’ve been wrong all of this time… or perhaps Swiss (High) German is different?

    Whatever. Merry Christmas! (I know that one.)

  3. I might have asked this before, but what if I had my cousin in Sweden order the parts and then ship them to me? Are they hard to self-install?

    I understand about the warranty-involved issues, but in theory, I’m mean, would it work? I really want the dual exhaust the MY08 has….

  4. Celeste: Thanks!

    Joe: It depends upon what you want — some of the Hirsch stuff would be very difficult to DIY. Especially the mods that require controls upgrades and the like. I would imagine that some of the body kits would take some skill, too.

  5. I’m not quite sure what I think of the new logo, I kinda like the “performance” part a bit, but Saabs should be understated, and the new Hirsch logo is more understated I guess..

    I almost got my father to purchase the Hirsch kit for the 2,0t, but as the taxes would exceed US$10 000 he found it hard to justify the extra cost. He might just as well have bought the 2,3t

  6. Mr Aero, the Hirsch upgrade for the turbo x *will* be 300bhp and 420nm. The gearbox is the limiting factor for doing anything more 🙁

  7. thanks jwlanky,

    do you also know if it is a software update only or will it be different parts, like bigger oil cooler or something like that?

  8. I hope it does include some sort of intercooler upgrade, as Saab should be shot if the Turbo X can give a warranted 300bhp on just an ECU flash alone.

  9. I too have a TurboX on order, and I mailed Hirsch a while back to see if they had anything in the pipeline for me. Their response was indeed a 300bhp upgrade “using a modified air intake and intercooler” and, I presume, an ECU tweak.