Contest Reminder – get your photos in!

I trust you’ve all had a pleasant few days over this holiday period. Semi-normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

December 31st is the closing date for entries into the Trollhattan Saab Pride of Ownership competition. There’s some great prizes on offer, courtesy of the site and also from Elkparts. All the details are at that link.

If you’ve got a few days off between now and New Year, then it’s the perfect time to dust off your camera, get your car near somewhere special and shoot a few frames.

We’ve had some great entries so far and I’ll be posting a bunch more in coming days.

I look forward to receiving yours 🙂 .

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  1. I’ll be sending mine in by tomorrow, as soon as I have enough story typed up. I’ve seen up to 5 photos in other submissions, so I’m assuming I can include 5 in my email. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. I sent in quite a few for my entry, will let swade pick the ones he feels are best 🙂

    I was hoping to take some more, but the weather here at the moment means one can clean their car, but by the time ones destination is reached, the car is covered in road grime and dirt 🙁

  3. Since I’m not exactly eligible anymore, the deadline will pass without mine. However, I will post them.

    We’ve had nothing but rain for the past three or four weeks solid and it’s interfered with my plans. It’s normal for us to get a lot of rain this time of year, but three+ weeks without a break is a little odd. It will happen.

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