Design sketch – Saab 9-1

Note: This is NOT a Saab design sketch. It’s unoffical. Got it? Good.

This is the work of a young Swedish design student, Niklas Palm. I’ve featured a few items of Niklas’ work before and have always enjoyed it. His prior posts here are available at the following links:

So here’s Niklas’ latest take on a Saab 9-1. There’s an enlarged version here: Niklas Palm Saab 9-1.

Niklas tells me this is just a teaser pic and he’ll have more images, and maybe some commentary on it, in the near future.

Palm Saab 9-1

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  1. This has nothing to do with Saab but HOLY HELL.

    This is the most exciting thing to happen to cars since the LAST ZR1.

    I mean, come on, check out the Corvette logo at the bottom there. IT’S IN A FRICKIN’ SKULL. HOW BADASS IS THAT?!

    They should drop this engine in the next Viggen with the supercharger replaced with a twin turbo setup, who’s with me?!

    No one, I’m sure. I’d love it.

    Jeff, this isn’t a moderated forum (yet) but this comment is not only off-topic for the post, it’s off topic for the whole site. And there’s been a coupla mentions of the occasional minor offence taken with language. I’ve always appreciated your enthusiasm and vigour as a participant here. All I’m sayin: Good fences make good neighbors. – SW

  2. swade, do you think that the 9-1 will come in 5 door hatch config too?

    im still wishin for a 9-1 ‘vert, or roadster 😀

    in college that will surely be my first new saab ever.

  3. …Jeff it would have to be something large enough like a future 95.

    Supercharging for induction, turbo charging for the exhaust. Of course this would have to be mated to the HALDEX XWD. Scary stuff and the beginning of FrankenSAAB!

    Actually it sounds like it would be very much at home in the conceptual design above.

  4. Swade – Sorry, I was really excited earlier. I knew it was off-topic, but it’s car-related, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Apparently not. I even talked about a Viggen.

    But, whatever, this is your site.

    Also, this is the third time someone’s told me to tone down the language. Before it was because I kept saying God damn. The whole reason I said that so much was to avoid saying the f word (I totally typed the f*ck word the first time and made myself laugh). I don’t see a problem with “holy hell” and “frickin” because that’s what I say when I’m trying NOT to curse, but whatever. I don’t want to get banned from the site or whatever, I’ve had enough of that lately. I’m trying to stop cursing so much.

    But come on. Admit the skull is cool.

    So, ok. You know, I never did like this guy’s drawings…I mean, he’s definitely talented, but all of his designs seem really stubby and angular. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of high beltlines.

    I wouldn’t dream of a ban, for you or anyone else, unless it were really compelling circustances. So no worries whatsoever on that account. You’re a great contributor here and your presence and opinions are appreciated. I’m just trying to keep everyone happy (which is impossible) and Craig entertained (much easier) 🙂 – SW

  5. Well, Swade, I’m flattered. 🙂

    Personally, I don’t think anyone minds a little off-topicness once in a while, because if they don’t care, they’ll just ignore it. Obviously, though, there’s a limit to how much people can ignore and you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. But I don’t think one Corvette post would hurt anyone. But, like I said, this is your site so run it however you want, because I’ll keep coming here anyway 😀

    Saaboy – That’s what I thought, too. I dunno, for some reason, whenever I picture a 9-1, I picture that AMS rendering that was posted here a while ago, only less oogly.

  6. Proportions in this sideview are reminiscent of Bertones Novanta, ic short bonnet and relatively lenghty between A-& C-pillar. But if those wheels are correct, i assume they are 25″…

  7. 1. looks unmistakenly swedish…very important.

    2. doesn’t look “gm”–also very important.

    3. doesn’t try to imitate bmw, audi, benz, volvo,…; and

    4. strong resemblance to 9-3x concept.

    good job!

  8. Shows talent, but like Jeff said, too stubby and angular. I like the wrap-around windshield, but engine access would be poor, and the front looks like a hungry fish trying to swallow a smaller fish. But, I’ve not yet seen a design that tops the original 9-3X. I hope Niklas keeps cranking out these ideas.

  9. Re: Tim J in #11, I don’t think it looks Asian. It strikes me more as a Mini Cooper clone with SAABish elements. Don’t get me wrong – I’d buy it, but I think most of the buying public would think it is a Mini knock-off. I’d like to get the 9-1 have a totally unique feel.

    Re: Jeff in #1, “They should drop this engine in the next Viggen with the supercharger…” HELLS YEAH!!!

  10. i saw this entry when you posted it and decided to let it marinate for a while. today on the highway i paralleled a new white Scion xB and was astonished at how similar it looked to this drawing.

    i am going with an A+ for effort and skill, but it’s too Japanese to me. i love that c900 windshield, though. 😉

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