Do you name your Saab?

My sister is 12.5 years older than me, which means one of us was an accident. I keep telling people that my parents had her and then it took 12 years to figure out what actually happened!

Being that much older, though, she had her first car when I was just 6 years old. It was a Morris 1100 and from memory it was white with a red interior, but I might be wrong on the interior. What I do remember, quite vividly, is that it’s name was “Bugulugs”.

Being just six at the time I thought that was just great and I’d hound her to go for a ride in Bugulugs at every opportunity. I was a pesky little brother.

Despite my fond memories of the little Morris with the funny name, I never grew up to be a car-namer. I’ve had 13 cars in my 19 years of driving and I haven’t named one of them. I was qute happy to name my bass guitar Veronica, but car-naming was never a comfortable idea.

We had a guy here in Hobart who called his Saab 95 “Sally Sunday” and even had that signwritten on the rear window (the first bit of renovation Drew B did when he bought it was rip that name off!). And hopefully by now you’ve all met “Lars” – Blix’s Saab 9-5 in New York.

So, do you name your Saab and if so, what do you call it and if appropriate – why?

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  1. Our family bought a new Saab 9-3 SportCombi 1.9TiD (in my favourite colour- Fusion Blue), and after much deliberating we decided to call it “Benny”. Other options were Sven, and Karlsson, but we thought Benny was the most sutiable.
    It goes without saying however that even with a name now, it is still simply referred to as “the Saab”.

  2. I’m with ya’, Swade…. I’ve never named my cars. My dad does and so do my friends, but I never have….. Though, strangely enough, I’ve named every gun, I’ve ever fired, after a girl in my life. thankfully, I’ve never had to explain to the girl how I determined to use her name based on the attitude the gun gave me 😛

  3. Of course! My previous Saab 900s -90 was called Saabina and the new Saab 900s -91 (with a lot of power 😉 ) goes by the name Beanca because of it’s registration number that I will not write here.

  4. my 86 900s (230k miles) which I grew up with is called ‘old car’. My Aero is called beast or baby beast depending on the occasion. And the newest SPG addition is simply called the SPG.

    I don’t know why I don’t name my cars like others do! I just dont…

  5. Well, my 9-3 cabrio has factory standard GPS, so after the gentle female voice that echos with directions, I (just like Martin) call my Saab “Saabina” 🙂

  6. First car i ever owned was an alfasud which was quite good but divoured the fuel and wrecked your back, i fondly called that car ‘Christine’ after stephen king’s book. These days i call our office shredder Christine…… I decided to name my 9000 Pupa (poo-pah) which in my language stands for doll, she’s my baby 🙂

  7. Growing up my friends and I would always name cars, but the names would have to just “happen”. Sure enough, at some point a nickname came about.

    Some past ones: The Babecatcher, White Lightning, Dirty Whore, The Turtle, K-Car.

    I believe you can’t force a name…it should just happen.

    Our latest edition is still nameless…..

  8. LOL! Great names, all!

    Others have always named my vehicles.

    My buddy Rob named my black SPG, ‘Sven’ as the counterpart to his red VW Corrado, ‘Helmut’.

    The current 900 ‘vert is named ‘Dag’ — by my wife. As in Dag Hammarskold — a man whose very name is synonymous with perseverance.

    The Impala has been dubbed the ‘Blueberry’ by my children because of its color.

    Rob derisively called my 1998 Pontiac Bonneville ‘Melvin’ because he thought that it was very boring.

  9. My wife now says “are we taking the jet” when we go somewhere together, so my SportCombi has been named by her. She is partial to the heated seats in ‘the jet’, and in this weather I can barely turn the key on before she sets her seat at the ‘extra crispy’ setting.

    Married men living in the northeast may have also noted this behavior when getting home on a cold evening and may have had the conversation that “turning the thermostat to 80 does not get the house to 70 any quicker”.

  10. “Matilda”

    1993 9000CSE 2.3FPT Midnight Blue, 4A
    245k KMs

    I named her (it’s definitely a “her”) Matilda a I knew 9000 ownership would have its ups and downs in terms of maintenance (I did a year-long research before I decided on the 9000 over NG900). The name is of old Germanic roots meaning “fierce or mighty in battle” and variations of it are popular in Scandinavian countries and even the UK.

    And yes, the first 2-3 years of owning Matilda has had its share of maintenance woes. But together we fought through them all in style (and in $$).


  11. I used to have a gigantic 1989 GMC Suburban with a 4″ lift and 33″ tires, appropriately named King Koopa (of Super Mario Bros fame).

    My red Viggen is named “Regina” (as in the red-headed Regina Spektor, one of my favorite musicians) and my 88 c900 vert is simply named “Granny”. 🙂

  12. I’ve never named any car, and I can’t think of what I would call my present car. When I had my previous car (Audi 80), I would just call the 9-5 “Saaben” (Norwegian: The Saab), but now that we’ve got two Saabs I don’t know what to call them anymore. My 9000 is non-turbo, so that could perhaps be “The saab” while the 9-5 could be “The Turbo”? 😉

  13. I’ve started calling my 900S “the boat” in my head because it’s been making horrendous creaking noises lately and it really sounds like an old ship.

    jeff k – That’s an awesome name for a Suburban. I don’t think Regina is a good name for a Saab, though, but that’s just me..Regina Spektor alternates between painfully boring and painfully annoying to me, so that’s probably why. But, you know, I’m weird.

    eggs – How does Melvin = boring? I don’t get it. Mostly because when I think Melvin, I think Melvins.

  14. I forgot to mention – My Les Paul Special is named “The Slab” because it’s a slab.

    Doesn’t stop it from being AWESOME, though.

  15. I used to have an Ibanez Les Paul copy, one of the good ones from the early 80s. It was a slab, too, but a brilliant guitar. Would sell my kidney for a Gibson, and I don’t even play anymore. I’d love to just hang it on the wall and look at it.

  16. We name just about everything at home. I think it keeps us young. In our previous home we had a very quiet and efficient Swedish dishwater (which we dearly miss) which we called Ursula. Now we have an american noisy one so it’s Betty. The fire place is called Puff (as in Puff the magic dragon who lives by the sea), the heat exchanger, Maurice, my camera, Pixel, my underwater camera, Plouff etc… We name all our computers so the only PC in the house (we have three Macs) is Mouton Noir, which translates into Black Sheep.
    So of course we name our cars. I chose CORTO for the Saab, inspired by Hugo Pratt’s enigmatic comic strip character Corto Maltes, a vagabond sailor fighting evil on the sevens seas.

  17. saaboy’s 9000 is called the beast but called baby beast in the presence of my car. 🙂

    My car is named Dustin. I named it a long time ago when I first bought it because I just thought it fit my baby in some way. When people would ask “why Dustin?” I would reply “you wont have to ask when im leaving you in my dust.” or “because I will be dusting you”.

    I guess its more fitting now then it was before. 🙂


  18. I have a 1999 9-3 and my older brother named it Björk. I think the name fits rather well. While Björk (the singer) is from Iceland both her and the car are from Nordic countries. Both are rather eccentric and tend to distance themselves from the norm.

    My brother’s car a 2001 BMW 325i is now named Günther only because I told him that if he called my SAAB Björk then I would have to call his Günther. His first one a 2000 BMW 323i was named Frank for reasons unknown. And My moms 1991 GMC Suburban in it’s latter years inherited the name of Bert.

  19. We didn’t intend to name our car this time but Azzy decided to call him “Magic”. I get told off when I say she or her……. “He’s a boy car” I get reminded.

  20. Some might think it’s lame to name cars. Yet each car does have a “personality” of sorts, for better or worse. And sometimes a name is actually needed.

    Some years ago, my family owned two Ford Tempos at the same time- one gray and one red. The gray was a gutless wonder with an auto; the red a manual, which all us kids abused while learning to drive (like me rallying it over a canal bridge at 55mph and getting two feet of air). Somehow it kept on fighting. Therefore it was dubbed the Robert E. Lee, after the US Civil War general (no, we didn’t call it General Lee). The gray eventually got its own name- Harold, the boring sibling.

    My ’02 9-5 Arc is my first Saab, and considering our financial circumstances I probably shouldn’t have bought it (or at least one that expensive). It’s my sinful indulgence, and so I named her Jezebel. Even has a theme song entitled “Jezebel”, by Iron and Wine.

    You see? Gotta have a name sometimes. 🙂

  21. Swade – I love my Gibson, I’ll never ever ever sell it, even though it’s probably the worst Gibson you could ever get ahold of. It has a really cool finish though, it’s a non-glossy black that looks all about the business. Frankly, it’s all I need, since I usually play in punk bands.

    I also have an Epiphone Explorer that sounds pretty much exactly like my Gibson, and a Fender Telecaster Custom with the most awesome finish ever, it’s natural with rubbed oil. It’s weird as hell as far as Fenders go, though, because it has one-piece construction and humbuckers. Plus it’s really thin.

    I have a Mexican Fender Jazz bass, too. What make is Veronica?

  22. Veronica was a Vester custom model. Natural timber finish and sort of shaped like a Warwick. Sort of. A beautiful bass and the Vester stuff wasn’t bad at all.

    I once had a Fender Strat (jap model) that had paisley print underneath a pink sunburst finish (i.e. clear in the middle and toned out to pink edges on the body). Unbelievable!

  23. Oh, yeah, a friend of mine had a Vester, it was an Ibanez knockoff. He bought it for like $30. It sounded pretty good after he replaced the useless pickups the previous owner had put in it.

    Oooh, that sounds like a cool finish. I never really went in for that “tough guys wear pink” fad that happened a few years ago, but I do have a thing for pink guitars.

    Besides my Tele, my favorite finish I’ve seen on a Fender is on my friend’s Jazz bass, it’s a really pretty cream color with a deep red tortoiseshell pickguard. Very classy looking. He also had a pink Gretsch bass before that, but it was…defective, I’ll say. It looked badass, though.

  24. My family name all the cars
    the Saab 93 convertable is called Andy
    (andy Capp, soft top)
    because the REG is 57 plate – they had thought of heinz (as in 57 )

    a Clio that is R reg is called Rosie
    a Zafera coloured blue is called BlueBell

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