Eklund wins in London!

Ignoring my calls for him to retire and coach other Saab competition teams, Per Eklund has turned up at the London Masters Rallycross event and won the darn thing!!

This came in from Terry D, who was there to see the whole shebang:

Per Eklund won the London Masters rallycross event this afternoon.

He “outwitted/out manouvered” a Peugeot (with a 0-60mph of 1.9 seconds – and was the main race sponsor) on the start and the first straight and then had a clear run home.

If nobody else was there to report for you, let me know, I have some video of the race and some dark stills.

What a driver! – first and second place had a combined age of 126!

best regards – Terry


UPDATE – Terry has also posted video of the Final!

Terry, you are a champion!

The main drama is at the beginning, where they’re fighting for position off the start. Per holds his line and manages to get away from them for good.

Everybody, enjoy the footage of Per Eklund winning the London Masters final.


I’ve requested whatever photos Terry might be able to send along and hope to get them on the site soon. PHOTOS are in!

Congratulations to Per Eklund! A Saab in first place is always a good thing to see.

Thanks to Terry, who has sent in a group of stills, of which I’ve reproduced three here.

As you can see, the track was fairly wet (dampness? in England???!)

London Masters Rallycross

Per celebrates with some of that hanging-out-your-car-freestyle-stuff (just be careful when doing this sort of thing, OK):

Per Eklund London

And a close up of the man himself…..

Eklund London


  1. Well done Per!!!!! Well deserved and I hope Saab pick this up for the press.

    That clip is sooo funny (shouldn’t laugh really and hope the guy wasn’t too badly bruised, but…..)

  2. They never mentioned the Aero’s 0-60 time, but in the previous qualifying round Per was behind and had to play catchup and the acceleration on that back straight was impressive. We also weren’t able to get to talk to the teams and the pits which were in the Excel (exhibition halls) multi storey car park. As far as I know he also won the floodlight competition the night before.

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