First Aussie BioPower sold!

Maybe that headline’s the tiniest bit exaggerated, but then again maybe it isn’t. But it’s the first BioPower sale I’ve heard about here in Australia.

It’s one thing for Australia to join the BioPower evolution, but it’d be little more than a warm-hearted gesture if no-one took up the technology. Thankfully, I’ve recently received news about the sale of a BioPower 9-3 being ordered for delivery early next year.

The car was ordered by a guy I met in Sydney last August when I was up there collecting my 900. His name’s Ferdinand and the car will be a Snow Silver sedan, specified as follows:

    Auto transmission
    147kw Bio-power ( Linear Sport)
    sunroof (factory fitted)
    rear parking sensors (factory fitted)
    parchment interior
    18” wheels
    Euro plates
    extra cup holder in console
    Aluminium trim around gear shit shift and aluminium on glove box
    Aero steering wheel

And it should look a little something like this:

Ferdinand 9-3

Now that is one sharp looking little beast. Photos must be forthcoming.

Best of all, Ferdinand has an outlet nearby that sells E85. It must be an industrial thing, as they’ve asked him to supply certification from Saab showing that it’ll be OK for use on E85. Providing he can show that (which I’m sure he’ll be able to) they’ll sell it to him straight away.

Congratulations, Ferdinand!

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  1. Congrats! I really, really like those rims. I’m just curious why anyone would order aluminium trim around gear SHIT?

    “Aluminium trim around gear shit and aluminium on glove box”

    ah, the joys of cut n paste without proof reading…..SW

  2. So the Incas could not be added under the radar eh !!! In any case I think this car will look bloody good as is. Just the BSR ECU upgrade down the track and it will fly even faster. Look forward to seeing it soon. Congrats Ferdinand !!!

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