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ctm slipped this one into my inbox this evening.

Saab sales for Europe in November totalled 6,516 cars, which is an increase of around 6% from November 2006. This is called the 2008 Saab 9-3 effect.

Saab Sweden are 3,227 units behind their 2006 total, and it’s unlikely that they’ll achieve that number in December alone, but it seems with the increase in Europe over all, an Sweden in particular in the last few months, that things will be a lot better in that region than it looked like they would be a few months ago.


Cadillac are now selling an E85 variant in the Swedish market.

Thankfully, they’ve not taken the BioPower name from Saab. They’re calling it Flex Power.

I don’t know how long it’s been out for, but if it’s more than a month then it didn’t help much as the BLS only sold six units in Sweden in November.


Last time I mentioned my yearning for a Saab Sonett III, commenters mentioned that I should just drive one for a week and then get over it. But when you see something like this photo, don’t you just want one?

The colour. The profile. The individuality. Awesome.

From Flickr.

Saab Sonett III


Your phone camera would most likely be shaking, too, at that speed.

This from Frank, of Saab Pride – Romanian Style fame.

Always drive safely 🙂

Saab Speedo

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  1. Am I going crazy, or did the site layout change without anyone saying anything? I can’t find a post about it and no one else has mentioned it. Is it just me? The posts and whatnot are all on the right and the ads and links and clocks are all on the left. What the heck is going on?

  2. Funny, I see no clocks on the main page, ads are on the right, posts on the left. In comments, I see clocks and ads on the right, and comments on the left. Firefox.

  3. Saab sales in South Korea jumped to a +87,5% for a total of 175 units sold to this day.
    I think that is pretty good considering the strong competition from the local and foreing brands.

  4. The speed may not correct…rpm needle should be at 5000 rpm for this speed in a Saab. Also there seems to be several indicator lights on the dash, this is a doctored image IMHO

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