Friday Night Snippets

Gripen will be so pleased – I’m about to watch An Inconvenient Truth.

Expect a plethora of Saab Hybrid posting tomorrow.


Speaking of Saab hybrids, apparently they already have them in field trials.

Cleantech Blog is saying they’re already underway, though there’s no backup evidence there. Perhaps they are referring to the project Saab are currently seeking funding for in conjunction with Volvo.


December 31st is the last day where you can claim your million-mile Saab replacement. But it’s not the only deadline looming for some Saab owners.

February 2008 will see the wind-up of the old analog OnStar system in the US.

The shutdown has caught some customers by surprise, including some owners of the approximately 500,000 cars whose handsfree emergency OnStar service can’t be upgraded to digital.

Adele Rothman said she bought her teenage son a new Saab in 2003 specifically for its OnStar, had no idea the car’s system would stop working in five years. But General Motors Corp., which owns OnStar, did — and it knew the system would be impossible to upgrade, like many others of model year 2004 and older.

Rothman, who learned in March of the impending shutdown, said she might not have bought the car if she’d known what GM did.

“I don’t think so. Not for a 16-year-old,” Rothman said.

So what’s the bigger story here?

OnStar shutting down? Or a mother buying a new Saab for her 16 year old kid?

Anyway, this was a big issue at the last Saab Owners Convention. Angry OnStar customers hounded Steve Shannon and John Libbos with questions about it, much to Gripen’s chagrin, as he didn’t get to ask the all-important Bluetooth question. Consequently, because no Bluetooth question was asked, Saab USA figured it wasn’t an issue. True story – they cited this as one example of why they hadn’t thought it was as big an issue as it is.

Owners of newly defunct OnStar buttons will need to think of something to do with that button. I’d suggest hooking up a Dukes of Hazzard horn 8)


Off to watch the movie now.

If you’re having a Christmas party today, then please drink responsibly and don’t drive home if you’ve had a few too many. I don’t want to ever have to report on a visitor to this site getting into strife.

Have a good one.

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  1. The inconvenient truth is that Albert Gore Jr.’S house consumes about 20 times the energy asa the average US home — huge, year-round heated pool, etc.

    I’m not a fan.

  2. More thoughts on the 9-3 interior
    Well, after I’ve tested the 07 and the 08 9-3 I did drive my own car to the mountains here in Sweden to have a long long holiday break.
    During this I started to think of the instrumentation in my 9-5 and those two 9-3:s. In the 9-3 they have dropped the button controls…But why drop the wheel control of the seat heater, the instrumentation dimmer and the height adjustment in favour of buttons? Isn’t this inconsistent thinking?
    I like the wheel controls a lot and the Audi does to, they have even inserted two of those in the steering wheel. One for volume (freaking brilliant) and the other to switch between functions of the onboard computer

  3. I’m not going to try to defend Al Gore, because it would be me and Gripen against…pretty much everyone else here. I’d rather not get crapped on by 10 people at once.

  4. Well, the “lie” that we’ve all been fed is that when the Earth changes temperature, the change is directly man-made. That unproven theory is fed to us as fact.

    We know that the Earth changes temperature. There is evidence to support at least one ice age, at least one very, very warm period and a long-term moderate period of temperatures in the Earth’s history long before cars and people reigned. Something caused those changes very naturally. We still don’t really know what those things are/were. Until we know, the direct causes, we will never truly know what causes the Earth to heat and cool. It’s that simple.

    As far as the current “global warming” trend goes, there are two “inconvenient facts” that are completely ignored by those that espouse these arguments that man created this condition:
    1. Oceanographers scoff at any data taken before about 1970. Why? We simply didn’t have reliable oceanic temperature data from good sensors that can be compared wordwide. That is, everything else is piecemeal — we may know that it was warm off the Florida coast in 1950, but we haven’t a clue what was going on even 100 miles away, let alone around the world.
    2. If anything, the early part of the 20th century was a slightly colder than normal period with the piecemeal data that we have.

    So, we are extrapolating on 30 years worth of data (a mere flash in the Earth’s history), and the starting point of the data seems to be anomalous. That is, any conclusion drawn about the long term is likely to be in error, especially the farther you get away from the near-term trend.

    Does this mean that I’m anti-green? Not on your life! We absolutely NEED to conserve what we have. We need to find ways to be better stewards of our Earth. I am PRO-CONSERVATION. We should be taking care of all of these things WITHOUT a current threat. It’s just the right thing to do.

    However, I am ANTI junk science. Until Albert Gore, Jr. finds a conclusive link, he needs to stop implying that he knows what that link is.

  5. Kinda funny ehall, cuz about half the country voted for the guy in 2000, missing being elected some say by one Supreme Court vote. And its safe to say that the US, the planet in general would have been better off with semi-phony Gore. Jimmy Carter is looking better weekly.

    Onstar is virtually worthless in Saabs that are impossible to lock your keys in. Is there any way to get rid of the constant reminder “no Onstar” on the SID…other than a strip of electrical tape?

  6. al gore has been quoted as saying it’s ok to exaggerate if it brings people to action.

    bye bye, credibility.

  7. eggs: nobody asked what you think of Al Gore. IMHO too many people link that film to Al Gore personally and completely ignore the message while shooting the messenger.

    Al Gore has offset all of the energy to his home, which is more than can be said of the average American. You know, I think I saw him take a ride once in a non-hybrid car. The horror!!!

    Too much of what’s claimed on the internet and believed by some (by choice) who decide to put their head in the sand is not based on scientific fact. The vast majority of scientists back the message Al Gore relayed in An Inconvenient Truth while a minority of crackpot rogue “scientists” (many proven to be taking money to make their claims) try to confuse the matter.

    If I had to “choose” between who I would LIKE to believe I’d choose the global warming critics. But I will go with what 99% of the experts believe as they do this for a living and most of this science is beyond my comprehension (but at least I’m willing to admit to not being a “know-it-all”).

    Hell, even George W. Bush, whose “we’ll have to wait and see what the scientists come up with” plan has finally given way to his admission that anthropomorphic climate change is a reality and a big threat. The only problem: doing something about it would cost his super-rich benefactors a great deal of money. We will “protect the economy” at the risk of our collective well-being. Who gives a crap about a bunch of polar bears and people in South Asia at risk because of rising sea levels. Gotta’ keep that Halliburton and ExxonMobil stock high! 😉


    And now that either side of the argument has had some representation here, comments are tied up on this one. – SW