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It’s the busy-ness end of the year here. Lots to do and some of it actually work-related….

I’m currently filling out my application form for media credentials at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). The Truth About Cars had their application rejected but are re-applying. Let’s see how I go.


I’m not sure how this might play out in a small brand like Saab, but GM have opened up their advertising to allow dealer groups to have more control over what gets made and shown locally.

I’d love to hear from any dealers about how this might be advantageous (or not) for them. I know there’s mixed feelings about BFJ despite the corporate satisfaction with it. Does this give you the latitude to try something different?

Here’s my prompt: 30 Years of Turbocharging Experience.


Gunnar Heinrich from 4 Drivers only and Automobiles Deluxe has been filming again, and this time it’s a teutonic trio of BMWs, including two M vehicles. This is just a preview clip, but all of the BMW appreciators out there will enjoy it. I’ll post again when the full film is available.

Gunnar’s films have featured previously on this site. Here, and a Saaby one here.


What’s in a name?

A Swedish story.


Saabs are on display at Walt Disney World!!

Tim J has just been vacationing in Florida and caught them as part of a GM exhibition at the Epcot center on the way out. On display was a Pepper Green Metallic Saab 9-3 sportCombi in it’s 2008 trim.

My mother and sister were impressed with the Combi, but the best comment was when my sister asked my mother to check out the Cadillac CTS – “I’d never buy a Cadillac. They’re too ostentatious”

he. he. A woman after my own heart.

One of Tim’s cellphone pics:

Disney Saab

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  1. me and my wife were just there in Nov. The funny thing was the price/spec sheet did not match the car on display– color and options were wrong.

    Anyway, I was really disappointed to see that the seats don’t fold flat as they do in my 02 9-3. I’d been seriously considering consolidating my Pathfinder and 9-3 into this wagon with XWD….but not if the cargo area isn’t up to snuff.

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