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Courtesy of No.9, here’s another reminder of how much GM shortchanged Saab’s future when it canned model development back at the start of the century.

This isn’t the first car to bear a striking resemblance to the Saab 9x and 9-3x concepts, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, either.

Land Rover Saab copy

It’s a Land Rover LRX concept vehicle that will go on show in Detroit in January, in case you’re wondering.


Volvo are recalling nearly 50,000 cars for diesel filter problems.

This comes on top of two recalls in November: 38,000 for injector problems and a further 18,000 vehicles for airbag problems.

It happens to the best of us.


Remember all those UAW workers complaining about their $90,000 factory jobs and the fact thay might not be able to run their boats at their holiday houses anymore, and how people were being paid their full wage to not work as part of the jobs bank program?

All these were talked about in the lead up to negotiations on a new work contract with the union, and it seems all those concerns have faded away now that a new negotiated contract is in place.

Then I read this. Whilst it is a GM plant at the center of this, it’s one of the few that isn’t a UAW plant. I could imagine the circumstances are similar, however. This is part of a press release written by the union concerned.

General Motors is playing Scrooge in a big way this holiday season, at least in the eyes of their 25,000 GM/Delphi IUE-CWA retirees, by refusing to provide their “Christmas Bonus.” The bonus actually is a lump sum payment provided in December and is used by many IUE-CWA retirees to buy Christmas and holiday gifts for their families.

Now, I’m no GM apologist, but come on……

RETIREES getting a bonus?!?!?

What for? For a really good season of Ice Fishing? For having a pristine lawn? You’re retired! People who WORK get bonuses, and that’s if they’re lucky.

Every day I find a new reason to be amazed at something.


By the way, that story came from the GM plant in Moraine, Ohio, where they build the 9-7x. Plant staff are currently crapping themselves over the possibility of cutbacks due to the trend towards CUVs rather than SUVs.

It’s always the bus you didn’t see that hits you, but boy, that’s one mighty big bus.

UPDATE: from Tedjs – The bus has hit:

General Motors Corp. will lay off 340 hourly workers at its Moraine plant between the end of January through the end of June, company officials said Wednesday.

The layoffs represent 15 percent of the 2,250 workers at the plant, located in Montgomery County south of Dayton.

“This is based on current and market demand,” said Jessica Peck, spokeswoman at the Moraine plant. “We are answering the market demand by re-rating down.”


A new site by an author calling himself “Saab” has popped up on my RSS feed. It seems to be a site focused on car maintenance and stuff.

I’m not sure what the Saab connection is, nor the authenticity of the site, but this post warning about flushing your engine is worth five minutes of your time.


Worst Ebay ad ever.

But it sure is an interesting 9-5 limo. I’d just be nervous as heck buying it off someone who can’t write a sentence. Thanks Robin!

9-5 limo

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  1. yeah, I noticed that(the resemblance) right away when I saw it on the web site. Especially the side view.
    Interesting to see my initial impression has been confirmed.

  2. We used to sell those engine oil or ‘wallet flushes’ when I was working at the dealer. It was the brain-child of our then fixed operations manger who we imported from AutoNation. What a jackass he was – and he was one of the reasons I started looking for another job.

    At any rate, I felt really bad for the people that got sold that service. What a complete rip off.

  3. Did you notice what category the 9-5 Limo is listed in?

    Window Shades & Tints.

    I often browse Window Shades & Tints, thinking to myself “if only there were a limo for sale in here.”

  4. This is exactly like the one recently featured in BBC’s Spooks programme where it was the ‘Iranian Ambassador’s’ limo!!! Looks better than you might expect for a relatively curvy sedan conversion? Imagine it with the 2006 Edna-face! And a couple of motorcycle outriders.

    Now why can’t Saab produce a limited number of bio-limos for use at all these environment conferences??

    Be a bit more classy than Audi’s tie-up with delivering the Big Brother arrivees to the ‘house’ each year!!!

  5. Vagabond, I concur, the side view is very striking. Even the elegant dash is inspired by the glass elements of the 9-3x concept (what a shame that didn’t make it into production!) and the fantastic interior of Aero X concept.

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