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It’s official – the BMW X6 is considered by a majority of people to be as ugly as a bashed crab. That’s 83% of the vote there.

BMW poll


It seems that in this new media age, car companies are managing their auto show unveilings more actively now, with a whole slew of releases coming online well before the Detroit Show.

The biggest one so far has been the new Corvette ZR1 (hat tip to Jeff!) and it’s causing all sorts of drool-induced computer breakdowns. But that’s just one. Hit the Detroit tag at the press release specialists, Autoblog, and there’s a pretty decent list of pre-releases.

No Saab 9-4x, though. It’ll be interesting to see how they play it.


Robert Farago lays forth an interesting admission, confirming what many may have thought already as he contemplates a possible TTAC party:

And if we do a TTAC get together, I warn you: I may give my name tag to one of my writers and look on from the sidelines. What was it my report card said? Doesn’t play well with others.

I often feel the same way, to be honest. But I’m trying.


Wigwam Saab, a name you’d never get away with here in Oz, is changing hands. They’re in Providence, Rhode Island. This comes on top of two recent changes/closures elsewhere in the northeast (the names of which I don’t have handy right now).

Steve Shannon recently commented that he’s very happy with the dealer structure there in the US, and I hope these were factored into that assessment.


Prices of many GM vehicles for 2008 will rise a little. The rises range from $0 of mega-popular important cars to $1,500 on the Cadillac XLR convertible barge.

There was no word in the press release about whether 2008 Saabs will increase as part of this, so I’m shooting off an email to SaabUSA now.


Christmas party today.

Ho Ho Ho.

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  1. i see that the cadillac cts has been named the us car of the year by autoblog and man that land rover lrx looks alot like the saab crossover concepts.

  2. Yeah, that’s right, hat tip to me. Who’s off topic NOW!?

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

    Saab doesn’t have the best PR department in the world, so that could explain why no one has mentioned the 9-4x.

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