Get your Aero-X…….. in India???

Big thinks to Dan M for shooting this through. Makes for a good grin after a day that was decidedly short of grins.

The power of advertising. Take this literally and you might think there’s a used Aero-X for sale in Bangalore. There’s an IT boom going on in India at the moment, so there’s some money around there. I know GM have just opened a new design facility there, too. Maybe there’s something going on here?


Aero-X India

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  1. Don’t underestimate these guys.

    Two of the three FINAL bidders for Jaguar are Indian- and if they get it, you wil see money and talent thrown at the company.

    Tata are one of the bidders and they have come a long way.

    Indian blokes I know, love Saabs – Black 93s seem to be there thing at the moment

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