Happy New Year 2008

Definitely a candidate for worst photoshop job ever, but regardless, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The 2008 Saab 9-3 is now this year’s model. Time to look forward to 2009…..

New YEar

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  1. Happy new year Swade and others! Weยดre still living year 2007 few hours, actually seven that is.

    Our T16S will be 17 years at ยด08. That feels quite a lot because I still remember the day when we bought it like yesterday.

    I hope and believe that 2008 will be very interesting year to Saab and all the enhusiasts around the world.


  2. Heres to an even better year for trollhattansaab.net, Saab and Swade
    … and everybody else.
    PS: Why does the spell checker still underline trollhattansaab, isn’t that a common word now?

  3. It is still 2007 here in Wiltshire UK!

    Over 6 hours to go.

    But happy New Year all.

    Swade mate- more power to your elbow in 08.

    Get Saab to make you an Ambassador soon will you…

  4. I shall be the last to enjoy the 2007, and wish everyone in SaabLandia a Happy New Year. Swade your dedication to the Saab Brand is Priceless. Thanks.

  5. I concur with Lance’s comment. Saab global should consider Swade an “ambassador”, but I don’t know if he has the body for it! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Seriously though, Swade is to Saab as Guy Kawasaki was to Apple. Saab should put him on the payroll as a “corporate evangelist”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For that matter, so should lance. Anyone who’s written a whole book on Saab should be made an “evangelist”! ๐Ÿ™‚

    J: I’m sure that Saab has more than one marketing person, though sometimes one would wonder! I think the marketing department does what it can with limited funding. I think we all think we could do it better and it’s fun to play “armchair marketing director”, but I’m sure it’s a very difficult job with the monetary and other restrictions put on them. I think an employee of Saab would want Saab to succeed more than most anyone.

  6. Merry new year and happy… no wait. Happy merry and new christmas… eeh no, that ain’t it. Uhh… merry new and happy… Ah f**k it you know what i mean.

  7. 1985 Gripen:

    A great Saaby name? I’m flattered, I think, but I truly have no clue about the reference.

    I’m guessing it’s the Abbott Racing thing…..SW

  8. Happy New Year to everyone here at Trollhattansaab. I had a great but sober night as I was Des tonight. After 12.30am I made sure family, friends and friends of friends made it home safely and “all” said how nice it was to go home in the Saab rather than the usual Mondeo taxi, probably because there was no charge, lol. now for 2008.

  9. Greg Abbott: sorry the link didn’t work. I must’ve messed something up. Swade is right. I was alluding to Abbott Racing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Happy New Year, everyone! Must 2008 be a good year both for all of you and for SAAB. ;/)

    Beautiful, cold norwegian winter weather outside. I think I’ll start this year together with our 9-5 and take the longest way home…..;)

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