Have yourself a Saaby little Christmas

It’s the 1st of December here in Oz, so that means it’s Christmas tree time, and it gives me a little latitude to suggest some Saaby Christmas presents.

If you’re like me then there’s quite likely someone in your household that finds you difficult to buy for at Christmas and birthday time, and soon they’ll start asking “what can I get you for Christmas?”

Bookmark this page and send it to them.

All of these items are found at Elkparts, and I’m sure John will do his level best to get everything under your tree before the 25th, providing your order is placed in time.


Under A$50

The Saab Pin Collection comprises eight lapel pins featuring different Saab emblems from over the years.

The Saab retro polo shirt is avaialble in several different colors, features the aeroplane logo and contrast stitching. A great piece of kit.

The Saab LED headlamp is something a bit different. If you need a light on your head, this is the one….

The SportCombi aluminium sports bottle is painted in Fusion Blue and holds 500ml of water, gatorade, scotch….and it doesn’t come with elkparts.com written on the side of it, in case you’re wondering.

The Saab expressions car mug. Fits in Saab’s drink holders and has an anti-spill guard.

Saab Ski underwear – yes, a full bodysuit for under $50. Great for those Catwoman parties.


Over A$50

Saab “test pilot” wind jacket – light jacket in grey with silver mesh lining. Looks good.

UrSaab USB drives – ranging from 500MB to 4GB. A very handy device, as you know, with some Saab style thrown in.

Haynes manuals – there’s a Haynes manual for most Saabs, but there’s also special manuals on forced induction, four-stroke tuning and even some on topics you mightn’t expect, like horizontal folk dancing!!

Very Swedish – a cookbook devoted to meatballs and herring. OK, not really, but it’s very Swedish.

Saab driving helmet – keep your ears warm when driving your convertible in winter. Made from Nappa leather and lined with wool, it’s just like driving around with a small sheep inside-out on your head, only much more WWII.

Of course, there’s always the 1:43 scale model collection. I can highly recommend the Aero-X, which is a stunner of a model.

One of these compact-folding Saab umbrellas kept Mrs Swade and I dry during recent wet weather in Melbourne. A strong unit and featuring SportCombi aeroplane print on the inside and a brilliant clear panel so that you can see where you’re walking.

There’s also a great collection of Saab watches at various prices. Sadly, the 99 Turbo gauge watch is no longer available there.


You might also like to consider one of Ivan’s great Saab T-shirts – all in original designs, including the original Trollhattan Saab T-shirt.

The US and Asia store is here.

The European store is here.


So there you go – Trollhattan Saab Christmas gift guide. Bookmark it and send it to all of your rich relatives πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve done my Saab shopping πŸ™‚

    The g/f really liked the Nallis bear so I picked up one of those and then was going to get a “move your mind” Saab tshirt to go with it but I was informed Elksports was out and wasn’t getting anymore πŸ™

    So I went over to the Shirt Shop and picked up a Turbo shirt.

    I have fully converted her to Saab.

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