Hey Autoblog! What’s a guy gotta do?

Time for an inter-blogging whine. Please either ignore or forgive.


There was a time, not so long ago, that Autoblog used to read my emails AND the work on this blog. TS has been the source for a number of Saab stories on Autoblog over the years, which has benefitted them and me.

A few weeks ago I put together a comprehensive entry on the Saab Turbo X. It was making it’s US debut and there was a lot of interest in it here, especially via search. I noted that Autoblog hadn’t covered the vehicles US debut, which I thought was significant due to the pricing being released at that time, so I shot them an email about the release and my comprehensive entry on the car.

There’s been no reply to the email, and no entry on the Turbo X debuting in the US, either.

Recently, Autoblog ran with a story from Autocar claiming that a Saab 9-1 concept vehicle would be shown at the London Motor Show in July next year. This was big news indeed but so far out of the ordinary that I wondered about how true it could be. So I went about trying to confirm it and perhaps the most solid Djup Strupe (i.e. Saab insider) that I know knocked that rumour out of the ballpark.

Even more recently, there’s been indicators that the 9-1 concept may actually make an appearance earlier than the London show, at Geneva in March 2008. That link was the first such indication but just this week I’ve had other sources within the GM family back this up.

Despite that earlier report AND the Djup Strupe confirmation that London was a no-go (it’d be a very unusual choice for such a landmark vehicle, anyway), Autoblog are once again promoting that Autocar article as part of another report, this one being about the 9-4x appearing in Detroit.

And if you want to get me started on that 9-4x report….well….that’s been talked about on this site since early October.


Autoblog was a blog like the rest of them once. This year’s been a period of huge growth for them and with huge growth comes increased workload. On the outside it seems that you should be able to just keep on writing, but you’ve got to work harder just to avoid becoming stale.

Then there’s the increased admin and site development. More writers. Advertisers. When it comes to Saab stories I hardly see the names of the guys who used to write there anymore. I have a feeling they’re all in the backroom growing the site rather than doing what they did to make it successful in the first place – writing for it and developing that feeder network.

The problem now is that at least where Saab’s concerned, they seem to be relying on the mainstream media to provide their news. That means it’s coming late, and it’s occasionally inaccurate. That Saab 9-1 story is going to be a major case in point.

I’m not crying “poor me” here, but the second half of this year at this site has been extraordinarily tough. Some coverage and link-love from Autoblog would have been a great assist with that, but it seems I’ve dropped off their RSS reader and they’re not returning my mail.

It makes my head spin to see a source as well patronised as Autoblog get some reports wrong, or get them late, especially when one of their old connections had the stories here all along.

Maybe they’ll come back when I get photos?


And yes, Turbin, I’m heading off for my mug of HTFU now…..

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  1. Autoblog’s cousin AutoBlogGreen has a post today about the 1.8t BioPower being available in all of Europe. I thought this a strange post as it isn’t real timely “news” and the fact that ABG, while I’m sure has a worldwide readership, their articles tend to be pretty U.S.-centric. Maybe this was yet another one of those “look what great stuff they have in Europe that we can’t get” type of posts.

    On an unrelated note, I was just notified of what the replacement for my totalled Dodge Stratus company car will be: drumroll please… A 2008 Chevrolet Impala! So I will be the first person I know with a flex-fuel car. Now wish me luck finding E85 to put in it. Why, you ask? Because my company pays for my fuel. It ain’t my money! 😉

  2. Yeah, I scratched my head at that ABG post as well.

    Also, the 9-4x post at Autoblog is based on exactly the same source article as the 9-1 post (from Autocar). They’ve just taken a sentence at the end of it and used that as the basis for a whole other blog post.

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