“HI” in the middle and round on the ends – Saab Pride, Ohio Style!!

It’s time for yet another entry in the Trollhattan Saab Pride of Ownership competition.

Entries are coming in a pretty decent rate now, so I might have to go to 2-a-day publishing to get through them all! It’s fantastic to see and read about these cars that people obviously have quite a passion for – which is what this competition is all about. Pride of ownership, and a chance to see some of the places in the world where these cars find themselves.

Today’s entry comes from our resident automotive professor, Tedjs. These are small images, which I’ll upgrade to enlargeable ones later in the day.


Teds Saab

The attached pictures were taken on December 1st, 2007 in a little township called Valley City – which is located in Medina, OH. Valley City is the oldest settlement in Medina County and was settled 1810. It is also the Frog Jump Capital of Ohio, which I know little about – but it is there claim to fame.

Valley City seems frozen in time which gives it a rather unique old town feel and appearance. At any rate the pictures were taken against two ‘fall’ backdrops – The Riverstone Taverne which is a pretty cool place to eat and drink. Riverstone preserves that rather unique look that is consistent with architecture of the area. The abandoned service station a bit down the street seemed like a unique backdrop to show the town. It is about 10 minutes away from where I currently live.

Teds Saab

The car is a 2007 9-3 Aero SportCombi that I purchased this summer as a gift to myself – I was granted Tenure at the college where I teach. It is the first Saab I have ever owned. A friend picked up a 2006 version and I was so impressed by the vehicle I decided to purchase one. Being the car is my daily driver – it gets plenty of exercise. Simply put, the car is a blast to drive and being the ‘car guy’ that I am – I find the potent combination of the turbocharged 2.8L V6 and 6 speed automatic to be well suited to the competent chassis.

On this particular day it was 35 degrees Fahrenheit out and I was having a blast playing with all the torque the engine had on tap from the cool air. The fun thing about that area is once you clear the town – one can let the car stretch its legs a bit on the two lane highway and give the superb four wheel disc brakes a workout as well.

I really love everything about the car – from styling to the versatility provided by the fact it is a wagon. The interior layout is logical, well designed and everything just works well. The gauges are among the best I have seen in terms of being easy to read, and it is fun to watch the Turbo needle bounce around. The automatic climate control works flawlessly in ‘auto mode’ – cooling or heating the car quickly in a uniform fashion. And rain sensing wipers – icing on the cake.

Oh – and the plate is not a vanity plate. Shaker Saab reserves all the ‘FLY’ and ‘JET’ plates – FLY 1234 was simply the next one up in the pecking order. Random but true.


Teds Saab


Ted, as with all the previous participants in this competition, is in the running to win one of three great prizes on offer.

You can read the full details of the competition here and I hope to receive your entry prior to the closing date on December 31.

My thanks to long-time site sponsor, Elkparts, for their generous contribution to this endeavour. First class, once again!

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  1. I take it you’ve gone and mounted winter tires on those 16″ wheels?

    Otherwise Shaker Saab owes you a set of Aero wheels and tires.

    I also have the Aero Combi in Nocturne Blue. Gotta love that paint!

  2. Greetings from Painesville, Tedjs. You have a nice looking car.

    It’s also nice to hear that Shaker Saab is still in business. They serviced my first two C900s and had some nice people working there then. That was before they moved. I hope things are still well.

  3. Peter – those are the ‘winter’ wheels and snow tires, but I am counting the days until spring and I can put the five spokes back on.

    Hey Andy – thanks for the compliment. Shaker Saab seems to be doing well, the sales and service staff are a nice group of people. Looks like we are in for some winter weather over the next few days… Be careful out there in the snowbelt.

  4. Funny, my car is registered in Valley City (technically Liverpool Twp.) I also understand it was originally purchased from Shaker Saab until I got it at auction.

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