Hooking up in the US

As mentioned a few days ago, I’ll be in LA for a day on the way to Detroit and Gripen’s picking somewhere to go for munchies. The date will be January 10 and if you’re in the area and at a loose end, you’ll be more than welcome. We’ve got one other guy coming along, but it’d be great to get a few more people to meet and Saabs to look at.


In addition, detroitsaab93 wrote “I am up for a dinner night in Detroit! Let me know….” – which is also a great idea.

I’d love to catch up whoever will be in town for the show, so if you’re around at that time then please let me know. I’ll be in town from the 11th and leaving on the 15th (20 hours from Chicago to Sydney – yikes!)

We might even be able to twist a few arms in the SaabUSA offices and get them along too, but no promises on that one. It’d be great if it could happen, though. I told Steve Shannon and Jan-Willem Vester during my interview with them that the steaks would be on me and I’ll be happy to make good on that promise if they can make it.


So – LA and Motown Saabers – if you’re up to hanging out with a bunch of other Saab nuts, as well as one jetlagged and grumpy Saab blogger, please make yourself known.

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  1. I will arriving in Detroit via a 1992 Saab 900 very late on Friday night, Jan. 11th. Flying back on the afternoon of the 15th.

    I do have some non-Saab friends to meet and greet while there, but those meetings are easily moved around depending on Saab events.

    So I was about to e-mail you, Swade, about your schedule in Detroit; and when and where TS events shall occur.

    Dinner for sure; and possibly a TS roundtable discussion/podcast.

  2. Well, I think it would be grand to have dinner with the grand web-poo-bah (that’s you Swade) and I live in California! Unfortunately, the 7-8 hour drive to LA is prohibitive. (And I don’t even live all the way up north in CA).

    Have a great trip though. When you come to the Nevada City International Auto Show, drop me a line.


  3. I’m seriously considering a road trip to LA to make it. Doubt my wife would pass off on it though… but it’s only 625 miles/1,005 km away after all. Who knows?

    In a 9-5 it’d be like going around the block! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Man I need a vacation.

  4. Give a shout if you have a long layover in Philly Int’l – i would be happy to drive down to the airport to buy ya a pint for all the good you’ve done for Saab (and make up for me sometimes being a pain in the arse).

  5. Swade, if you have anything more than a layover in Chicago, give me a shout. I’m a stonesthrow from the airport.

    I’ll see if I can make it to Detroit for the show. Haven’t been to it in ages.

  6. I am still in for meeting up in Detroit, my only plan for that weekend is the TigerFest (Baseball for those that don’t know) during the day Saturday the 12th, which means I’ll already be downtown. Shoot me an e-mail for my contact info: derek0609@yahoo.com

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