Hope lives!

I have a car that I crashed four months ago, and it’s killing me seeing it just sit there. Then I get this from the remotest Saab fan I know – Danni in Namibia.

I’ts been quite a while now, May 30, 2007 to be exact, since I crash landed my 9-5 Aero. I went to Cape Town on the weekend to collect her and I must say, the feeling is mutual that a Saab is something special and to cherish.

Driving that distance for 1,300km to the small hamlet (mine town) where I eke out a living was a delight and a rekindling of the love affair I built with this car.

I am glad to have her back and wish the same for your Viggen. Enclosed are a few pictures taken just before exiting South Africa and entering Namibia.

The pain was acute of living almost for 6 months without the 9-5, but I am now a happy bunny.

Scandinavian regards (it’s blistering hot here)



Cheers mate. I’m very, very pleased for you.

Danni Saab 9-5

A Saab 9-5 Aero and long road to travel. What else do you need?

Apart from the occasional corner, perhaps 😉

Danni Saab 9-5

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  1. Eggs – well – the distance actually would have been the 686 from Cape Town, South Africa to the border (Namibia) and the the final leg of 160km gravel road home, but I was too scared to travel on that road again and rather took the tarred detour road which was a whopping 789km extra – but in the greater scheme of things and in a 9-5 a real delight. In the picture the Mrs swopped her Hyundai Matrix for the 9-5 and refused to hand the keys back! I have learned my lesson – that is for sure.

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