JL Racing working on new Saab race cars

The off-season isn’t giving the guys from JL Racing any time for rest.

They’re busy building up a pair of new race cars that’ll wind up looking like 2008 Saab 9-3s but the makeover’s much more than skin deep:

JL Racing have embarked on an ambitious project to develop two totally redesigned race cars…… Structural rigidity of the uni-body will be enhanced with a new rollcage design, and the weight distribution strategy has been revised to improve balance and handling. The engine program will also be revised to improve turbo performance under race conditions.

JL Racing

The car’s being stripped back and acid dipped prior to a new roll cage being built in to the car and the 2008 front end fitted on. It should make for quite a head turner, but hopefully the main bit of head turning will be spectators watching them blast down the straight.

JL Racing had a great season in 2007. Here’s to the new car leading them on to even more success in 2008.


I also just wanted to take a moment to commend John Lockhart and his team on a most professional job this year – off the track. JL Racing have been a great ambassador for the Saab brand. They wear their colors with pride and their communications have been timely, regular and first class right through the season.

Congratulations on a team well run!


  1. I’ll be rooting for them. About the communications, I emailed them once about a small glitch on the website, and got a response within hours from J.L. himself. 🙂

  2. Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s an “acid dip”?

    Also, will they be running XWD in the upcoming season or stick with FWD?

  3. ACID DIP: The entire monocoque shell is dipped into a huge vat of acid which removes all the caulk, insulating bits of rubber and other extraneous stuff that adds to the weight. We will stick with FWD for 2008 season as XWD adds a lot of weight to the chassis.

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