Karl-Gustav – you are THE MAN!


I’ve received a fuller version of the Karl-Gustav Svensson story, courtesy of Saab Sweden.

CTM’s translated it for us (you champion!!) and it’s the inagural entry in the “people” category at The Spirit of Saab.

This is a great, fun read about a guy who genuinely loves the brand.


Via the latest Saab iNews here in Oz comes the story of Karl-Gustav Svensson.

He’s 88 years old and is about to take delivery of his 41st Saab!!!

He’s owned Saabs since the 1950s and his first one was a grey Saab 92. Over the years he’s kept detailed logs for each, which I’m sure would make for pretty interesting reading in terms of model comparison, etc.

Click here to read the full story. Unfortunately it’s not very long and I wish there were some photos and further detail, but it’s a heartening story nonetheless.

Thanks Turbin!


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  1. Hmmm, I’ve got 53 years to go through another 38 Saabs. Might look at a trade-in in when I visit the dealer next week. I have two so if I trade one every 16months I’ll be OK. Or maybe just keep them and add to the collection…

    This is all presuming that the Saab brand lasts that long. Otherwise I’ll start working backwards ending with buying the URSAAB when I’m 87.

  2. turbin — “Otherwise I’ll start working backwards ending with buying the URSAAB when I’m 87.”

    over my dead body! i called dibs! :p

  3. No Jeff, that’s the smile of somebody trying hard not to. Maybe he has “Smilin” pine false-teeth from Ikea.

    Either that or he’s thinking,” I hope this one doesn’t fall apart at 30,000km like the past 39 I had, never should have traded the 92!”.

  4. I had only eight SAAB’s ,I’m driving now 1986 900 turbo hatch and 1992 900 turbo convertible but I know here in Houston NASA engineer Mr Henry L. that has as of today 18 SAAB’s and drives all of them

  5. I found a typo in the translated article. Since SoS is an archive site (and not a news site) I figured it should be pointed out.

    “I’m pleased with the investments in environmentally firendly cars with the new BioPower.”

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