Low mileage Viggen for sale

US Saabers shopping for a relative bargain (did you secure that 9-5 yet, Eggs?) might want to check out this Saab 9-3 Viggen for sale.

I don’t publicise Ebay sales too often, but this one is worth a look. Just what I needed to see with mine banged up in the garage!

This 1999 Viggen has just 5,509 miles on the clock, hence the interest it’s receiving with 21 bids so far. As I write this, the price is up to $12,750 and the reserve is yet to be reached. The auction finishes in just under 3 days from now and the car is located in Connecticut.

I can’t vouch for the ad but if it’s all genuine then this would be a heck of a fresh car to own and drive.

Thanks Brian W for the heads-up.

Viggen for sale

Viggen for sale

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  1. How could someone own this car and not drive it more? Wow! My Favorite color too. All I’m feeling now is yearning, yearning, …
    Here’s another one that’s got me yearning. Can’t figure why no one is bidding. I thought an unmolested 78 Turbo was rare and highly desirable, even if high miles and in need of some work. I keep thinking “Is it worth the badgering I’ll take if…” 🙂

  2. My pleasure! I knew you might not want to publicize the ad, but this has got to be the lowest mileage privately owned Viggen in the US. Is that a crazy idea? I REALLY wish I had the money for a bid….

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