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There must be something is this ethanol thing. Ferrari are even thinking of going down that road.

Mind you, they’d have to sell them all in Sweden, where the filling stations are most common, as you’d need to fill a Ferrari pretty frequently if you’re driving in a manner that gets the most fun out of it.


Winding Road are asking which car is the ultimate sleeper?

Saab owners interested in responding should click here.


Ryan at Saab History got some brief camera time with Bryan Nesbitt, the head of design for GM in North America. He was once the design guy in Europe and in that capacity, had to sign off on the Aero-X.

He does raise one interesting point, in that whilst the 900 was revered for it’s uniqueness and design, that reverence has now faded into distant memory for all except for the enthusiasts. Saab need to reinvigorate that and the Aero-X is the prime design platform for that reinvigoration.


And finally, in the interests of fostering an inter-brand love-in, witness this picture from Golfhunter in France. One of my personal favourites in the Saab 99, with my absolute favourite Volvo, a P1800.

Happy looking kid there, too, Jeff!

Volvo and Saab

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  1. The picture reinforces that timelessness of good Saab design…the old 99’s looks still come through the newer models until the 9-3SS debuted in 2003. I think my C900 ‘vert is still better looking than a lot of the dreck on the road today. Volvo has gone through one ugly spasm after another, unfortunately.

  2. Hehe !
    What an amazing surprise to see a photo I took yesterday , on line here !!
    Etienne gave me the link .
    It was in Savoie (Chambéry ) an little concentration of oldtimers .
    There was some space next to the Volvo P1800 ,so naturally I parked here .
    My son , Tim , almost 4 years old , did really enjoy that little trip , and he wants to see now the 99 T he has still not seen .
    Maybe next week and I’ll take a photo .
    Thanx a lot for your gentle wink from so far away across the planet earth !
    Best regards to all of you !


  3. Jeff:

    Always good to see your pics on Flickr! That Citroen SM — wow. Good stuff.

    The P1800 is one of the best-looking cars evr made. Absolutely a car that Volvo should have hit home runs with but didn’t here in the US. I always wondered why.

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