More 9000 teaser shots

Kaylan keeps slipping these teaser shots of her rather heavily modified 900 Aero into my inbox.

The latest news is that it’s getting dynoed this week, and then may finally be unleashed on the world for real. And maybe, just maybe we’ll get some real photos that show this car off in all its glory.

Anyone in the Pacific Northwest got a real camera, one that isn’t attached to a phone? πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to see it.

Kaylan 9000

This looks menacing…..

Kaylan 9000

Are those Griffin Gear center caps?

Kaylan 9000

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  1. I love that braided hose shot! Anodized red parts…yum! Are the wheels getting swapped out for something that’ll let the brake parts breath a bit? I love those cross-drilled/slotted rotors matched up w/ red calipers!
    Can’t wait to see the entire car, inside & out!

  2. Those are the new SAAB 18″ Inca wheels. Im going to keep them for a while. I was concerned about the lack of open space as well but I really like the way these wheels fit, so for now they are staying. πŸ™‚ Maybe some 19″ Turbo-X wheels in the future?

  3. Isn’t that the Kaylan ***** from SaabCentral and also Saab Club *******?

    Sorry for the edit, Ken. Just trying to preserve a little anonymity to discourage the stalkers – SW

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Keep it going Kaylan. I noticed you got a 2007 SC, and wanted to know you have planned for it (aside from trying to keep it stock).

    I have a 2007 2.0t SS, and wanted to know if you knew how to take out the darn parking light near the high beam housing!? Access is a bugger. So far, I put in PIAA Extreme Whites for the Lows and Fogs, but the yellow-looking stock parking light are an eye sore! I’m trying to put in an Superwhite LED W5W bulb. Can you/anyone out there help me out?

    FYI. The Extreme Whites in the Fogs are ALOT more intense than the low beams and does not match as well as I think they would. I am going to try out the Luminics Titanium White bulbs hoping it vibes with the fogs.

    P.S. Do not bother to get the Luminics Krypton Series in a 2007 9-3, it gives a “Low Beam Failure” message and does not look as good due to the increased diameter of the bulb. My guess is the projector optics were not designed to take anything else than standard diameters.

    Also, silver/chrome turn signal bulbs are a must!

  5. Sorry Swade. But Kaylan herself posted above with her full first name.

    And how did she make the new 18″ Incas fit on the 9000 hubs ?

  6. Combined with softer curving style of nowadays saab the new inca’s didn’t seem right at first sight. On this 9000 they look very nice.

  7. Ken- arent you a member of SCS?

    Tim- you will get your turn. Are you coming saturday?

    ABS- im a noob when it comes to lighting. πŸ™‚ I threw out my fog lights on my 9000 and I simply swapped on the e-codes and some new standard bulbs! Lighting seems fairly unimportant to me as long as I can see okay with my headlights on!

    Plans for the combi include some 20″ BBS wheels/ tires when the stock tires run low on tread. I have a SPEEDPARTS front lip coming for it and were going to do 15% tint/ exhaust and a BSR chip eventually. Taking it slow on that car as my 9000 being finished is my first priority.


  8. Of all the details on the Saab 9ks & 9-3s (pre-’03), the headlights are the most underwhelming, so i’m very interested in the modification of those elements!

  9. Yup. Say hi to Dan for me, saw him in his blue Sonett on I-5 near Tacoma this past August.

    Aaron G. came up to our SCWC meet here in Vancouver few weeks ago.

    “Kaylan Marie // Dec 4, 2007 at 2:59 am

    Ken- arent you a member of SCS? “

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