More on the Saab Le Mans Classic effort

As posted back on December 11, there’s a team forming to race a Saab 93 in the Le Mans Classic event, which will be held July 7-9 2008.

The team is called Retrospective Motorsport and the core of the team comprises the same guys who run the very successful Swede Team Motor.

Bo Lindman from Retrospective Motorsport has emailed through these photos of the car in development. Things have progressed a little beyond this point already, but it’ll give you an idea of the core vehicle they’re developing to run at the event.

Again, the vehicle is a Saab 93 from 1959 and it’s going to rebuilt as a replica of the actual Saab 93 that ran in LeMans back in 1959, coming second in class and twelfth over all. They’ve even got one of the original crew from 1959 as part of the effort!!

Click the pics to enlarge. More will be presented as soon as they come to hand.

Saab 93

Saab 93


If you work for, or own, a corporate entity that would like to be involved in this effort, I’m sure Retrospective Motorsport would love to hear from you. The Le Mans Classic event is HUGE with crowds of over 70,000 in attendance and plenty of media coverage as well. Retrospective are hiring a professional PR company for the event to ensure the best possible result for all partners.

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