More Saab Friction Testers

The Saab friction testers are coming!!

With the recent stuff here on Saab friction testers and of course, the recent acquisition of a friction tester by the GM Heritage guys, I’ve been getting some photos in my inbox of other friction testers from around the world.

Like this one in Canada, from No.9:

Saab friction tester

And this one from Hungary. Ivan hooked me up with a link to an article on it and it’s curious for a couple of reasons. One, it’s good to see a more modern one. Most of the ones we’ve seen in use have been older 900s. But second, it’s a sedan, which I found to be most unusual. There’s some operational photos of it here.

Saab Friction Tester

Makes me wonder what our local airport here in Hobart uses…..

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  1. Saab friction testers so appeal to the engineer in me. Our airport uses a small tractor-like piece of equipment for this function. We get almost no snow and ice, so it’s really used only on regular intervals just to make sure that the pavement maintains the proper friction when wet, which it often is.

  2. When I was at ATH Airport (Athens, Greece) this past summer on my way to Rhodes I noticed quite a few Saab 9-3 SS (03 and newer) buzzing around on the airport tarmac. Don’t know who or what they were used for though.

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