More sneak peeks – how does 476hp at the wheels sound???

Kaylan’s dropping more teaser pieces into my inbox, and this one’s significant as it’s some quick video footage from the dyno run earlier today. The last photos of this car were featured here.

This time we’ve got some background info as well.

From Kaylan:


My tuner, Brian Macy at Horsepower Connection, has never worked with Saabs before, and in the beginning I sensed he had some doubts about just how much power/boost a stock Saab four cylinder motor could make. These guys are used to building high HP motors on cars with V8’s but also work a lot with tuning cars like Honda/BMW. Brian loves to turbocharge everything!

We all know what our beloved Saab motors are capable of, but also understand the doubts other people have of them. This afternoon, everyone’s doubts were quickly erased from their minds – and were replaced with huge grins on their faces!

With my fuel system fully installed (which included a 12 gallon ATL race cell, dual bosch 044 fuel pumps, stainless line front to back, TWM fuel pressure regulator, and 860cc flow matched injectors sitting in a custom fuel rail) we were ready for some tuning on my stand alone engine management system.

I drove my car around the shop and up onto the dyno. After wrestling with some wiring going to one injector the car was ready to tune. Brian nervously asked me one last time how much boost this motor can take as he puts the max boost at 30psi. (please not this is on a GT3571R turbo) “normally we run 6-8psi on things like this”. I assured him it would be fine. 🙂

On the first run he instructed Trevor (an employee) to wave his hands to stop Brian once we reached 12PSI on the dyno. By the time Trevor got his hands into the air my car happily hit 25PSI and put out roughly 370WHP. Pretty good right? Wrong!


Next run… roughly 439whp! It started misfiring at about 4500rpms. They pulled the plugs and I ran off to get some new ones. Plugs are very important in our cars when using the Direct Ignition! They were gapped and re-installed. We made a few more runs and finally hit 473whp, the boost kept falling from the previous three runs, but we were still making more power. One or two more runs should do it.

On the next run, water starts boiling out from my coolant overflow and my head gasket was toast!


The loss of boost in the previous runs should have told us something but we were all too caught up to notice. Either way, with tuning left to be done and 476whp results already you aren’t going to hear any complaints from this girl!

My car has 109,000 miles on it now with a stock head gasket so it was time to be replaced anyways. I’m sure it was a ticking bomb to begin with! I’m very happy with the results and I hope you enjoyed the short (yet very sweet) videos.

Please keep in mind my motor is 100% factory Trollhattan lovin’.

And it’s getting a lot of loving from Trollhattan…….

Awesome stuff!

I hope we can do a full feature on this car soon. We need some full appreciation of everything that’s been done to this Saab in 2007. There’s a LOT to be told.

Click to enlarge.

Saab 9000 dyno

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  1. And this is on a 2.3-liter inline-4 engine!?!? Congrats on this technical marvel.

    If this power can be put to the pavement I’d like to see this car taking-on V8-equipped cars like the Mustang GT on a track. That should show those “there’s no replacement for displacement” disciples.

  2. Pushing the envelope, that’s for sure.

    Drew: Yes, except perhaps the idiot part.

    25-30 psi is on the ragged edge. If you like fixing your car, run it there. If you like actually driving you car, I suggest a more reasonable 15 psi for around town.

  3. Its going to stay at at least 25+ PSI.

    I like fixing things. Thanks for calling me an idiot. I dont see you doing anything exciting. 😛

    I have an 07 combi for daily driving, and a 1976 900 EMS.

    I dont see breaking things as a negative thing. When you tune into the high HP you expect things to break, and you expect them to break often. It has nothing to do with being an idiot. I was prepared for the whole motor to blow and thats why I keep a spare.

    KTHX for drew your rude comment!

  4. “and you expect them to break often.”

    you mean you *hope* certain things will break, so you have an excuse to get *better* parts, right?

    keep on pushing the envelope kaylan! i look forward to you smokin’ all the rednecks i see on Speed Channel’s “Pinks All-Out” show!
    have you seen that show, btw?
    you stand to make $10k and land a huge toolbox set for winning the bracket race format! what kinda 1/4 mile times you need to win, i have no idea!
    rock on!!!!!!!!

  5. All this through the front two wheels?

    It’s like a Super Viggen, with super torque steer to go with it :p

    I don’t care, though, it’s still awesome.

  6. J- Yes I have seen that show. My tuner was on the season premier of it last season. He really knows his stuff. 🙂

    I wouldnt ever put my car on that show simply for these two reasons

    a.) I wouldnt give this thing up for anything in the world. No ammount of $$ could buy it

    b.) I wouldnt want to bring home anyone elses POS. 😉


  7. That’s the easy part. (Yea’ I know it isn’t easy)

    The real challenge is to make it reliable and drivable. Good Luck !

  8. Kaylan Marie , with regards to Drew.
    Drew and excitement should never be used in the same comment it’s a terrible oxymoron.
    Keep up the good fight Kaylan,not all saabs were meant to stay stock as a rock.

  9. Kaylan, Saabologist hit the nail on the head. Drew’s into stock standard restorations only (and does them brilliantly, I might add). Additionally, he likes to deliberately make provocative comments, so take no notice.

    You’re a tuner, he’s a restorer, and you both do your work very, very well.

  10. I don’t have problem with modifications whatsoever. I was just outside, actually, sawing the exhaust off my 9000 to gain an additional 25kW at the wheels!


  11. Congratulation Kaylan, i see many 9000 with 700hp and over…you can do that. Last years my Aero 9000 95 pull 371whp and with jak stoll ECU revolution limit was at 7200, so i never see a car like my saab runing at 220KM/H in 3 gear, 4 people in the car and 70$ of gaz…only 20psi. i will pay your gaz, hotel…if you can make a drive in quebec this summer; so you and your friends are welcome..

    see you and take care

  12. Two things, we regulary run 25+ boost in our saabs without blowing head-gaskets! Arp studs help this, but I have been running 28-33psi with no head gasket failures for almost 2 years now. If the hw is good, this is not an issue.

    Pinks all out is for the money only, they do not race for pink slips, they race for 10 grand! Top 8 get 1k to bet all the way down. Napa tool box too.

    The 9k has the steering rack on the subframe, not the firewall like the viggen, so the torque steer is much, much less, they don’t even make a brace for it…

    Many people have been running 500bhp saabs for long periods of time without much breaking at all… My failures have been the the trannies, on my fourth one now 🙂


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