More wheel refurbishment by DB

Local Saab nut, Drew B, is a practiced hand with the spraygun.

He refurbished the wheels on my Viggen last year and right now he’s working on a set of Shelby Minilites for Saabill. The wheels have been machined and polished on the rim, the black undercoat has been applied and now its time for the top coat. I’m not sure which of Bill’s cars will get these ones (let’s just say he’s got a lot to choose from) but I’m sure they’re going to look superb.

No big writeup on these, but if you’re thinking of painting your wheels then the recap of my Viggen refurbishment, also done by Drew B, is here.

Enjoy the pics – great work!

Saab wheels

Saab Wheels

Saab Wheels

Saab Wheels

Drew’s paint booth for the day. That’s his bare metal 1971 Saab 99, a rather rare silver bumper model that’ll be repainted in medium blue in due course.

Saab 99

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  1. Proper stuff Drew. Fantastic, you must have prepared those with forensic skills.

    What type of hub boss will go on them? The blue griffin badge would look good- but I think a chrome and black version of the Saab aircraft logo would be the ultimate.

  2. Lance, yes, they took a fair bit of work! The Shelby castings are very poor compared with the Ronal ones, and original finish is very ‘pocked’. Took quite a bit of work to reproduce this OE effect.

    Saabill would probably know better than me, but I’m pretty sure he has the original Shelby caps to go with them. They are different from the black plastic ones used on the Ronal rims.

    Wouldn’t mind a set myself, but nothing here to fit them on anyway; my 99 pre-dates minilite style rims, which I believe came along later in the 70’s.


  3. I hope Mr Shelby is not reading this as he may want to have his name mechanically removed from the rims. Fly over here baby!

    The shelby US rims are a poorer quality copy of the german silverspokes, but nice, strong and diferent. Made in early 80’s I think, they fit 99’s and -87 900’s.

    The OE caps I have are diferent too but ronal caps will fit. The original is a silver on black ‘SAAB’, anything else would look like shit.

    can’t wait ’til I have them on the car!

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