New Norwegian Police Saab

The photos came in from Trond, overnight, and he works for a Saab dealership in Norway where they’ve just outfitted this car for the Norwegian police.

It’s a Saab 9-5 2.3 BioPower in Vector trim. I hope this is the only time you get a good look inside a Norwegian police car 😉

Thanks Trond.

Click to enlarge.

Saab police Norway

Saab police Norway

Saab police Norway

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  1. I don’t think that Blaupunkt CD stereo head unit is OEM, is it? That’s so they can play “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha’ gonna’ do…” really loud when on patrol. 😉

    Is that the Motorola Bluetooth adapter I see?

    Though this model apparently isn’t equipped with the ventilated seats (the buttons are missing) it does have a sweet police band radio James Bond would love to have (and did have built-into his Alpine stereo head unit in his Aston-Martin V8 Vantage in The Living Daylights).

    Did they remove the airbags? I think I remember reading that most police departments in the U.S. have their airbags removed because criminals realized they can trigger pursuing police vehicles’ airbags to evade capture.

  2. As negative as I have been toward the recent SAAB designs, I am beginning to like the latest edition of the 9-5. The “swooping” headlights and overall rounded body look pretty good in this picture. The car is still too small for me, but at least it looks good.

    BTW, I turned in my application for the Swedish police force, but haven’t heard back yet. I may have misspelled a few words. What do you expect using Babelfish?

  3. I can (almost) always recognize a Saab’s headlights from a distance, and until now this has been a good sign – just keep on driving fast. Most policecars around here are Volvo V70s and Ford Mondeos. But now I’ll have to be more aware I guess..

    Rogan: The Norwegian jail is far too nice, many immigrants commit crimes just to go to jail, as they get a far better accomodation then what they probably could afford to get by themselves.

    Just have a look at a clip that Michael Moore left out of his new movie Sicko, where he talks about the Norwegian jails.. Youtube link:

  4. Edonis: that link was amazing.

    I’m sure that prison is not the norm in Norway and it’s some sort of experimental thing. What is the point of a prison if not to punish? Is it simply to sequester the prisoners from the rest of the population to protect society? With the maximum sentence being 21 years, what’s to protect children from child molesters, women from rapists, and everyone from murderers? I’m not one for “harsh” punishment, but there are extremes and I think Norway’s example is an extreme with maybe Russia’s or Turkey’s prisons being the opposite extreme.

    My wife is of Norwegian heritage. What kind of psychos were her great-grandparents to emigrate to America??? 😉

    I thought Canada or Costa Rica looked like utopia. Now I learn of Norway. Maybe they’re keeping it a secret so everyone in the world doesn’t invade their little corner of the world!

  5. Great-looking car!

    Norway is very difficult to emigrate to. They have all of these things because they are a fantastically oil-rich country. It’s like Kuwait, but in Europe. Believe me, if the US had only a population of 4.5 million (about the size of Minnesota or about three-quarters of Tennessee’s 6 million) and all of that oil, we would have low crime, too.

    That’s the part that Michael Moore doesn’t tell you — they are rich beyond comprehension.

  6. Whow, I think my father who work in the department wish his office had the money to get this car. As a cop and a life long SAAB driver, moustly because he has seen to many examples of which cars can withstand a crash and not. But her in Norway the police has always used volvos and fords, so he has always envied the swedish police and their SAABs.

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