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Just a quick note to let everyone know that the new Saffron/Lynx/Inca Yellow Saab 9-3 Convertible has been added to the Wallpaper section of this website.

Click through for a massive 1920 x 1280 version, suitable right up to a 24-inch widescreen and ready for re-sizing to suit your screen size.

There’s a bunch of other exceptionally attractive wallpapers there as well for your enjoyment.

Saffron Yellow Saab

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  1. Joe, Yes, the cabrio is keeping the old handles and the side protective molding I believe because it’s assembled by Magna Steyr in Austria. Maybe to use up old parts, or to keep changeover costs down?

  2. that is cool actually, i prefer the old handles way more than the new ones. plus, i really find something very wrong when you can use the astra’s handles on a SAAB. that’s just not right in my opinion

  3. Just some short vehicle info..

    This 9-3 Convertible is an automatic with the 175hp (210hp- E85) BioPower unit. It was first taken in traffic on the 21´st of may 2007. Annual tax i 1760 kr/ approx. 265 USD.

    Cheers!… Ooooh.. Color.. Yellow.. 😉

  4. tompa, thanks for always filling us in on the registration info. very interesting.
    So, they had that car on the road – a 2008 – in May??? do you think it was that color? SOMEONE surely would have noticed, the model, the color…


  6. denvernewbie, during the launch of the new 9-3 in sweden, there was a new 9-3 convertible, yellow colour of course and with a huge BioPower sticker on the side. Just checked my photos to see if it is the same car, but the plates in the pictures i have are different. The car was parked just a few metres away from the stage where the launch vehicles were covered up. This was something that i found a bit upsetting, as it took away the suspense of seeing something in real life for the first time. Fair enough we had all seen a bunch of pictures of it, but seeing it in front of you was different. To me, seeing that yellow convertible parked just a few metres away from the launch platform just spoiled it. Then of course came the cherry on the cake, when the guy on the microphone said “We present to you the saab 9-3 for the first time ever”…..

  7. Joe, sounds like the suspense was gone already by that point.
    a little anticlimactic, maybe?
    those kinds of details can’t get missed if they want to play with the big boys, don’t you think?

  8. Yeah i totally agree. It was the only disappointing thing from all the festival. I just found it ridiculous that they wanted to unveil a model which was more than obvious it was already on the road, pre production or not, it just took the fun out of it. I remember i had asked the tour guide at the saab factory where the new model was being produced, and her face just went blank and said ” it’s not being produced yet” to which i answered, What about half the parking lot outside which is the new 9-3, to which she replied “i have no idea what you are talking about” so i just gave up 🙂

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