No Saab 9-1 in London Snippets

Some Djup Strupes hear parts of a story and pass it on, and without hearing the whole thing, or through fragments of memory, it’s sometimes fair enough to say that bits of a story can get mixed up. Solely through limited access to all of the facts, you’d have to say that some Djup Strupes are more reliable than others.

I’ve just received word through from one of the most reliable members of the Djup Strupe collective that there is – Don’t bet your house on a Saab 9-1 concept being shown in London next year.

Don’t even bet a dollar unless you’ve got a dollar you want to lose.


I also contacted Saab for an official response to the story in Autocar magazine and the official response was as follows:

Yes, we can confirm that we have a small Saab in our plans. It is to be built in Trollhattan alongside other GM compact cars. At this moment of time we have no further comments

…an answer I could have almost written from memory based on previous enquiries 🙂


ctm has posted through some other snippets from Sweden.

Jan-Ake Jonsson recently mentioned plans to downsize the workforce at Trollhattan. When the 9-3 and 9-5 move to Russelsheim it’s envisaged that the plant will be bigger than it needs to be for forecasted production, hence the cuts.

Today’s news involves a response to that and was written up in TTELA (in Swedish). ctm’s quick summary:

The unions have (as promised) presented their alternative on how to do it. Seem to be a decent proposal. Carl-Peter Forster, President GM Europe, and Eric Sevens, Vice President Manufacturing, have shown some interest and will take a look a it.

I’ll back the workers. Stick to your guns, lads!


And in other Swedish news from ctm….a quick summary from a story in NyTeknik

GM Powertrain in Trollhättan need at least 100 new engineers.

Mission: to develop new fuel efficient gearboxes. Today about 100 engineers work in Trollhättan with the development of transmissions and they need to double that.

Something I didn’t know: Trollhättan seems to be the global center for developing at least manual transmissions for GM (even though this article states they manage all work on both automatic and manual transmissions). As we have heard before, Trollhättan is also center for some hybrid work, for vehicle telemetry, for safety, and for production technology (and turbocharging and XWD for transverse engines- SW). Seems pretty important to me. Production is easy to move around, but development works is very dependent on skilled research engineers and tradition and takes time to build up.

Is there anything Saab and the beautiful minds at Trollhattan aren’t taking responsibility for at GM nowadays?


Trollhattan hockeyAnd finally – Trollhattan has a hockey ‘bandy’ team. And they’re called Gripen!!

They won their first match of the season last night, apparently. Go you good thing!!

Maybe this could become an extra bit of weekly reportage!

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  1. It is not a hockey team, it is a Bandy team. See info from Wikipedia below:

    “Bandy is a winter sport, where a ball is hit with a stick. It is an ancestor of ice hockey. The game is played outdoors on a sheet of ice, and has rules that are similar to association football.

    An old name for bandy is hockey on the ice or hockey on ice, due to the sport essentially being “field hockey played on ice”, but since the mid-20th Century the term bandy is usually preferred, so as not to confuse the sport with ice hockey.

    In English as in many other languages in most parts of the world, the term bandy is used. Notable exceptions are Russian, where bandy is still called hockey with ball (xоккей с мячом), and ice hockey is called hockey with puck (xоккей с шайбой) and Finnish, where bandy is ice ball (jääpallo) and ice hockey is ice puck (jääkiekko).”

  2. isnt it annoying how it seems Saab is helping so much in GMs designs, but never seem to get enough funding for product development?

  3. Oops! I stand corrected, Bengt. I was referred to in the email I received as a bandy team, but I figured that might have been a local word for the same thing. Looks pretty similar to me.

  4. And as a sidenote, Australia joined the international bandy federation in 2006. Don’t know how many active players Australia have, but since it’s essentially the same sport as field hockey, you should have some potential. Given that you get some ice-time, that is…

  5. From the “reading tea leaves” department comes this message: Saab did not *deny* that it would show a small car at the London Auto Show, either. All it did was refuse comment.

    There exists the possibility that Saab is perhaps trying to get a concept together, and do not want to comment on it in the event that they can’t meet that schedule, or change their minds, or rip up the design and start over, etc.

    Unlikely, yes. But then again, why did Saab avoid a complete denial?

  6. Hi all,

    its interesting to see all of that Engineering knowledge of Saab and how important its becoming for GM, but the problem is that Saab couldn’t use many of that knowledge for its models and new models, that’s annoying.

    If they need 100 engineers, then call all of those 350 engineers that GM fired in 2002-03-04 aprox. of the “Viggen” program to do Saab profitable.


  7. Those poor kids don’t have pucks and have to use a ball? Can’t we do something for them so they can have pucks? Its common for a ball to be used in the summer for street hockey but on ice this is rather strange. We need to help these kids before it is too late. Their sticks look funny as well!

  8. Just read on that the 9-1 will be shown as a concept at Geneva, not London… Comes from J.W., wich seems to know what he is talking about. 🙂 Hope he is correct!

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