One of the most amazing collections of Saab prototype photos you’ll ever see.

No introduction necessary here.

The headline says it all.

There’s a sample below and the collection is here. Big thankyous to Marko for the tip!

Saab prototypes

Saab prototypes

Saab prototypes

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  1. the grill on those cars in the top pictures – those horizontal lines – reminds me of the front dam on the 2008 non-Aero model…I guess it takes a longer than I thought for those concepts to become reality, huh??

  2. Wow! Amazing to see all those different prototypes and sketches! Unlike many prototypes and concepts of today, Saab’s finished products look far better than many of those cars seen on that link!

    And thank god for that small side window by the side/tailgate on the 9000cc. (And that they changed the rear lights, those on the pictures look very… Lancia.. ?)

  3. Look at that mock-up dashboard of 9000. It could be from today´s 9-5 as well. Talking about being ahead of it´s time: look at Audi A5 dashboard…

    It´s interesting to see that they tried so many different styles on each model. Now that we know what the final product looked, I´m glad that not all the experiments get into reality.

  4. HUGE thanks for this Swade.

    Some of those shots are Sason original colour sketches- wow!

    The bob-tailed red job is a far earleir 99 genisis sketch than I had seen before. Wish I had had that in my 99/900 book!


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