One of these is a Smart car

A fun pic to start the last day of 2007:

Smart Saab

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  1. I noticed that too when I went to the smartUSA road tour.. I was like “huh.. Isn’t the ignition on the floor thing a Saab thing?”

    I wonder if Daimler AG licensed it…

  2. Is that Smart trying to mate with the Saab? 😉

    I like those wheels on the C900. Those are called “Super Aeros”, aren’t they? Looks like they’ve been painted and a chrome ring added around the rim, right? I’m not a big wheels guy but those look nice and sporty but understated. I’m not big on “bling”.

  3. Is that a one use only, disposable car next to the Saab? I knew they made disposable cameras but that’s ridiculous!


  4. Daniel: those are the wheels I have on my ’85 C900T (they were taken from an SPG). I thought those were the “Aero” wheels and the ones in the picture in this post are the “Super Aero”. What are the ones in the pic above called if not “Super Aero”?

  5. 1985,
    The wheels on the CVT in the post are common only on late-model C900s here in the states. I know that the late commemorative C900s came with those wheels. They are 15″ directionals painted in charcoal grey metallic with a polished lip. Here’s a good photo:

    The “Aero” wheel style came on ’91-’92 9000 Turbos and on the ’93 9000 Aero. They are two-tone (charcoal grey/polished aluminum), three spoke 16″. (My favorite of the 4-lug Saab wheels).

    “Super Aero” wheels came in 1994 on the 9000 Aero (and eventually on the ’97 Anniversary 9000 as well as the ’97 NG900 Talledaga) and were 16″ all silver-painted, and shown in Daniels Link (above).

    As a bit of additional information, the ’98 9000 came what are usually called Super Ultra Aero or just an altered Super Aero. They were 16″ Super Aeros with exposed llug bolts and Griffen Center caps.

    Happy New Year!

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