Pride of Ownership – Maltese style

It’s time for another entry in the Saab Pride of Ownership competition.

Today’s entry is from a guy I met in Sweden back in June. Part-time Aussie and full-time great bloke – it’s Joe in Malta.

It brings me a great deal of pleasure to show these, as Joe made a last-minute dash to get to the Saab Festival and at the time he didn’t even own a Saab, and I’m pretty sure he hadn’t previously, either. He hung out pretty much all week with Brendan, Robin, Phil and I, as well as our Swedish mates, and we all had an absolute ball.

He’s just bought this 9000 in the last few weeks and is as happy as a clam.

Congrats, Joe! And thanks for the images and stories here – brilliant stuff. Enjoy that new ride 🙂

UPDATED – Now with clickable pictures so you can look at ’em bigger!!!


I am finally attaching my pics for the POO competition. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the kind of pics I wanted. We have a lot of heritage in Malta ranging from statues to thousands-of-years-old temples made of menhir. Unfortunately these are in places that a car cannot enter so I will have to make do with what I am attaching.

The first picture is taken next to a Red Tower situated in a place called Mellieha. It was built in a very high position as are most of the fortified buildings in Malta. These were done as watch towers. Malta was constantly assaulted during wars and places like these used to be used as watch towers.

Saab Malta

Second picture is a place called Zurrieq. It is my home town and one of the most beautiful places on the island. Very quiet, beautiful scenery, lots of fresh air and great for fishing off the cliffs. The small island which is in the picture (right on top of the front of the roof of the car) is called Filfla. It’s a protected island which no one can go to, reason being is that it has very rare plants on it and also hosts one of the only places in the Mediterranean where a particular breed of tiger sharks spawn.

Saab Malta

Third picture is a church that is quite famous. Maltese are very religious people (well, most of them used to be). Legend has it that St Paul shipwrecked on the island thousands of years ago. To cut a long story short, he was invited for supper by the Maltese and a snake bit him in the hand. St Paul just grabbed the snake and threw it in the fire. Thanks to his gesture, Malta has no venomous snakes or spiders (what a nice bloke he was).

Anyways, this particular church has the largest dome in Europe, which makes it the third or fourth largest in the world. Apart from that, in world war 2, or 1 (can’t remember), a bomb fell through the centre of the dome but never actually blew up. The church has pictures of that day in it, and also houses a replica of the bomb which fell through it.

Saab Malta

The fourth picture is at a place called Mdina. Mdina, like the red tower, is situated on high ground. It is also knows as the silent city, the reason being that it is freakishly silent and creepy. You get a beautiful view of almost the entire island from there.

Saab Malta

The final picture is same as the first, but in black in white is a favourite. Kind of like the “vs” ads that Saab had, this will be Malta vs Saab: The heritage.

On the drive around the island today taking pictures, I reminded myself of what a small but beautiful country I had the privilege to be born and live in. The heritage we have in Malta is something we take for granted everyday and yet we wouldn’t be much without it. So I dedicate this photo to both Saab and Malta who both have had their ups and downs in life, they both have made astonishing achievements, They both beat the odds when hope looked dim, and they both have a very special place in my heart.

Saab Malta

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  1. Hey Joe, Great photos. I travel quite often to Malta on business and now and again with the kids, as they are keen swimmers and water polo players. I think yours is the first Saab I’ve seen on Malta. I have been a passenger on one of the few Astons (DB7) on the road up to the Gozo ferry which was quite a dramatic drive!
    I think it was in WW2 when the bomb went through the Mosta church dome if I’m not mistaken as we went there after being at Fontenellas in Mdina for ice creams.
    How great are your cafes, and the people in general are the friendliest anywhere.

  2. Thanks for the compliments. Actually, during that drive i spotted at least 8 other SAABs on theisland which made me feel quite happy. my next step will probably be a 900. don’t worry J, if you are patient enough it will just come to you, just like mine did. I spent months looking for a decent SAAB to no avail. After a month since i stopped looking it literally just presented itself and i took it. Beautiful car. I love it to bits.

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