Pride of Ownership (POO) competition – entry #1

I’m giving Blix a mulligan here, as this was the first entry in the competition and the norms for text accompanying photos hadn’t quite been established. And it’s some good background into driving in the Big Apple as well 🙂


This entry comes from someone that a few might know. If you frequent Saab Central and I tell you that the car’s name is ‘Lars’ and it lives in New York City then you might guess that the entry is from Blix.


When people hear that I own a car in New York City, the inevitable reaction is “You’re insane.” And I wholeheartedly agree. Unless one is willing to store one’s pride and joy in a garage rivalling the rent in monthly payments, one must squeeze it between cars into miniscule spaces on the street, vulnerable to taxi doors and wayward bikers and the occasional miscreant, and then move it according to “the system” (every car owner has one here) before the soulless metermaids swoop down with a ticket. And traffic guarantees a nightmare at any hour, no matter where you are.

But I simply adore my Saab and have never regretted owning it. Inside, I have my own zone of comfort and solitude wherever I travel, though this beautiful machine with its soothing purr can easily transform into a wicked snarling beast whenever I desire. Whether a pre-dawn sprint across bridges and through winding tunnels, wading between mindless pedestrians under the technicolor lights of Times Square, clattering down cobblestone streets, dodging lawless lunatic taxis and cavernous potholes on the avenues, or flying down FDR Drive with Manhattan’s illuminated skyline as a backdrop truly from one’s dreams, my Saab can hold its own in this crazy place.

Perhaps it takes a level of fearlessness to drive in this city. But it takes a car as thrilling to own and as eager to do my bidding as my Saab to truly *enjoy* driving here.

The first is a photo of my car, which I lovingly named “Lars,” beneath the Brooklyn Bridge – one of the many landmarks of my hometown, New York City.

The second is Lars under the Manhattan Bridge.

In both, I aimed to capture a brand everyone knows include it in a classic, recognizable New York City shot. I want to demonstrate how international Saab really is – that there are owners thousands of miles apart, and no matter where you go in the world, you can always find a Saab.

Click to enlarge…..

Saab 9-5 Brooklyn

Saab 9-5Manhattan

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  1. Cheers for being able to live in a big city like New York. Personally, I probably would go insane within a week. I like the pictures but they pale in comparison with your writing. Very nice job!

    Your last few lines mentions that wherever you go in the world, you can always find a Saab. The best part of this international Saab community is that it doesn’t really matter if you own a 6-year old 9-5, a 900 worth $1000 or a brand new $40K+ 9-5. We’re all part of this one, big, friendly community with the same passion.

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